Who doesn’t love a cup of coffee to start the day? It must be hard for you to run down to your favorite cafe, even on days you want to stay in bed. Guess what? We found the perfect solution, bringing a café corner in your home!

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Why should you have your own private café corner in your home?


You must be thinking, how is it different than just owning a coffee machine, right? You can have the aesthetics and great taste of coffee in the comfort of your own house.

Why do you go to a café? When you go to a café, you find your positive safe. You find a retreat to relax and feel free. The exceptional coffee and desserts are a treat too!  Now, we want you to get that experience with a café corner in your home.

Let’s build the café corner in your home!

Products for a café

Okay! Now that you’re on board with us. Let’s build it, step by step. Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy everything. Chances are, the products are already in your home! Here, we will choose a classy aesthetic for the café corner in your home.

Before starting with the listing, the first step is to find the right space. Find the spot, you love, with proper natural lighting. It will be better. Done? Let’s go into it!

1. Finding the perfect furniture

Café corner in your home

Chapman Marble Dining Table from Pottery Barn AED 4,525.00

Finding the right furniture, especially for small spaces is important. The whole café corner in your home is built around your comfort and aesthetic. There isn’t a specific “right” furniture. It totally depends on you!

If you are looking for small spaces furniture, we recommend Pottery Barn. Our favorite pick is Chapman Marble Dining Table, you can search for other small space furniture here.

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2. Knowing your coffee preferences

Café corner in your home

Expresso, latte, ristretto, lungo, or decaf? Do you know your taste in coffee? Try out different coffee before you settle for one!

Discover the world of L’OR from Amazon! Get hold of the best coffee capsules made with high-quality coffee beans. You will love to wake up to the smell of fresh coffee, every day from the café corner in your home.

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3. Classy serveware

Café corner in your home

Emma Beaded Serveware Collection from Pottery Barn
AED 80.00

There’s no need to go so overboard! Emma beaded serveware collection is our way to show you the full extent of serveware. You can opt for simple ceramic mugs or your favorite coffee mug as long as you like it.

If you’re interested in getting new coffee mugs or serveware, check out the collection from Pottery Barn, right here.

4. Getting the right appliances

Café corner in your home

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Mini Me Coffee Machine from Amazon (with 5 Capsule Boxes)
AED 449/-

Café corner in your home

Philips Series 2200 Fully automatic espresso machines from Amazon
Price: AED 1,899.00

Are you a latte or expresso person? What do you want the café corner in your home to smell like? It depends quite a lot on your coffee preferences and the machine. We brought options from Amazon to match your preferences and you can check them out!

5. Add your personal touches

Café corner in your home

Now, after the necessities are in place, it’s time to make space your own. How would you like to decorate the café corner in your home? It is totally up to you.

Maybe, free plant or a fancy side stand. Match the cushions’ color scheme with your mood. Have fun and have your positive space filled with your personality!

We hope you build the café corner and tag us in it. There can be other projects that you would like as well, such as setting up your office space.

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