Let’s get this straight first, Singles’ Day was not invented to cheer up single people for the lack of their love life. Who said singles are not in love? In fact, according to the latest statistics, around 64% of people are single by choice. For the ones out there, who chose to put themselves first, let this upcoming November 11 be another reason to celebrate and remind yourself how special you are. The 11.11 Sale allows you to get yourself or your single friend a gift and enhance your independence.

CouponCodesME brings to you the best deals from top brands and a list of practical things that all single people should have in their collection.

What is the 11.11 Sale?


11.11 sale best deals

Singles’ Day Sale a.k.a. 11.11 Sale is a concept invented by Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba on November 11, 2009. On this particular day, hosted a massive sale on his shopping website for 24 hours straight. Seeing it as a lucrative commercial move it became a sort of norm. Over time it grew into other shopping websites as well eventually having a huge command in the markets of UAE. Now, the 11.11 Sale is kind of a big deal for all smart online shoppers. For all the Singles out there, it is an opportunity to pamper yourself the lavish way with a minimum amount of expense. Amazing, isn’t it?

Save while you buy

Use our promo codes and vouchers to save further on your purchase if you like the products recommended below. Also, the prices and the discounts are as accurate on the site as it is at the time of the publication.

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11.11 Sale: Codes from important brands to look out for


Amazon UAE is a one-stop destination for Electronics, Home Appliances, Beauty Products, Fashion, Mobile Phones, and more. See what’s in the store for you to grab at the earliest as a part of the 11.11 Sale!

Amazon Sales & Deals


AliExpress is an all-in-one shopping hub for Women’s & Men’s Fashion, Phones & Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics, Jewelry & Watches, Home Appliances Etc. As we all know 11.11 Sale started with this very own company therefore it is already given that AlieExpress is bound to have its sale this year as well. 

11.11 AliExpress Offers


Visit the fantastic PatPat store online and shop for every itsy bitsy of thing your baby needs! From attractive baby and kid’s clothes, shoes and accessories, hair care products, baby gear, or comfortable maternity wear for mothers, PatPat gives you ample scopes of doing your baby products shopping with ease. Use the code “3VCKK9”. Check out the best 11.11 offers.

PatPat Promo Code


At Styli, you will get everything from Clothing to Footwear, Accessories, and more, all under one roof. Make the most of this Fashion extravaganza via the 11.11 sale.

Get Styli Sales & Offers


Mumzworld is a warehouse of the most extensive range of Baby and Kids products such as Clothing, travel gear, nursery equipment, baby accessories, and much more. Do visit the website and take as much advantage of the Singles’ Day sale as you want. Use code “CC9”.

Mumzworld Code

6 practical things to buy so you don’t compromise your ‘singlehood’

1. Automatic Pet Feeder with Programmable Timer

singles' day

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Price: 420 AED

We’ve been hearing this for a long time, and it is true to some extent. Our furry pals are better than humans most of the time. And we better take good care of them. But it also comes with the responsibility of feeding them on time. However, sometimes you just want to stay out for a little longer and hang out with your non-furry pals as well. On such an occasion, this Automatic Pet Feeder from WOPET seems like a great option. You can manually set the timing as and when to feed your pet and can be fed up to 15 meals a day. The voice recording option will give your pet the impression that you’re physically present right there. You can use it to call your pet and signal them that it’s time for them to get their tiny tummy filled. Do get this and thank us later.

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2. Portable Door Lock

singles' day

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Price: 15.99 AED

Singlehood and Solo Travelling go hand in hand. However, so much goofing around all on your own also demands extra security assurance. Therefore, whether it is a hostel you’re staying at downtown or a lavish cottage in a suburb, you can’t always be sure of the lock system of your room. In such a scenario, this Portable Door Lock has come to be a life savior. It jams the door so that no unwanted guests shall intrude on your safe space.

3. Zip Puller11.11 sale deals

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Price: 83 AED

All the ladies out there, you don’t have to wait around for your significant other to help you zip the back of your dress. Just get hold of this Zip Puller from Amazon and you will be ready in no time for your Girl’s Night Out on a Friday evening. Slay your night like the queen that you are!

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4. One Top Induction Smart Cooktopsingles' day

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Price: 732 AED

Your dinner menu is always going to be sorted to cook for one. Because let’s admit it, cooking for one is way more convenient than cooking for more people. This Cuisinart Smart Cooktop is perfect to host a dinner party for yourself. Plus, it’s portable so you can carry it around while traveling to places

5. Grocery Bag Handle11.11 sale deals

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Price: 92 AED

Carrying around so many grocery bags all at once in the departmental store all by yourself may seem troublesome. But with this Pankia Handle Grocery Bag Holder, it is going to be easy peasy lemon squeezy. You will never require a grocery shopping partner ever again.

6. Uncapper Jar Opener

 singles' day

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Get yourself the capacity of an extra muscle with this Jar Opener because let’s just agree sometimes it is okay to seek help. But you what’s even better? Receiving that assistance without even having to ask for it. Let your Jar Opener do what it does best. You can open bottle caps, cans, and lids off a jar and re-seal it as well. It has different cabinets to get lock the covers or lids of the container as per your requirements. Do buy this and forget about ever having to need extra and unnecessary strength to open them stubborn cans and jars.

Here were our top practical things for all the single besties to get hold of this Singles’ Day. Do check them out and get one for yourself. For similar content follow CouponCodesME. Also, follow our social media handles to get updated further on the latest codes, offers, and top-rated products in the market.

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