Established in 1995 by Majid Al Futtaim, Carrefour is one of the largest networks of hypermarkets and supermarkets worldwide. Since its first store opened in 1960 in Annecy, France, it has expanded to over 12000 stores. Offering more than 100,000 products across a wide range of categories, Carrefour aims to deliver good quality products for its shoppers. From home appliances to daily necessities, baby products to clothing items, whatever you are looking for, Carrefour has it covered.

Aside from offering quality products, Carrefour also offers its customers gift cards for every occasion. You can either purchase the gift card for yourself or your close ones. The gift card user can make any desired purchase from over a million products. Add to that, Carrefour gift cards are also convenient and easy to use, which makes them an ideal gifting item. You can also browse and select a gift card of the preferred denomination and make a purchase. So to experience the ultimate perks of gifting, read below to find out all the details about Carrefour gift cards.

Carrefour gift cards: a perfect gift of essentials


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The product mix in Carrefour world includes a wide range of essentials that caters to all your daily needs. The variety includes fresh groceries, manufactured foods, soft drinks, bakery products, snacks, baby products, and much more. The diverse offering serves shoppers with varied tastes and preferences that cannot be found elsewhere. To meet the needs of everyone, the products are developed according to western cultures as well as the Islamic culture.

Aside from that, to meet the ever-changing needs,  the popular e-commerce platform keeps adding new products to its shelves. So, if you want to gift something incredible to someone who is a homemaker, then you need to prioritize the Carrefour digital gift card as your top pick.

Gift Carrefour Gift Cards

A multi-brand platform

carrefour gift card

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Whether you are shopping to meet your basic needs or for any special occasion, consumers usually value their favorite brand’s richness. This is why Carrefour has built a suite of products from reputable brands like LUX, Dettol, Tommy Hilfiger, Casio, Samsung, Prestige, Canon, Philips, and many more. The curation of all these brands in one setting makes Carrefour a multi-brand platform. If your favorite brand falls on the list, then can get any branded items with Carrefour gift cards. Owing to the large offering, you can also give the e-gift card to anyone.

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Why Carrefour gift cards?

carrefour gift cards

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Giving gifts on any festive or celebratory occasion has been a traditional norm. However with the changing time and traditions, so have our preferences. With the extended ease of how things are available online, e-shopping has become the most preferred option. Despite that, it is difficult to predict what someone will like, no matter how close-knitted you are. So in such a predicament, one of the best options is to give a gift card. It is a simpler and trouble-free pick for both the gift giver and the recipient. And since Carrefour caters to all needs, then nothing can be better than the Carrefour gift card. The wide range of outsourced but quality products will fully satisfy your needs and wants.

Whether it’s for a friend, colleague, or family member, the Carrefour gift card is an ideal option because it’s a gift of choice. The recipient can use the gift card to buy what they require without having to pay. Something that they will surely appreciate.

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Where to buy Carrefour gift cards?

If you have made up your mind to gift a Carrefour digital card to your close one, but don’t know where to buy it, then worry not we have you covered. The best place to buy the Carrefour gift cards is undoubtedly al giftcards, where you can make a direct purchase without needing to hunt cluelessly. You can visit the site and browse and select a preferred gift card with the preferred denomination. The denomination extends from  AED 50 to AED 500.

Also, al giftcards provide a flawless and secure setting for their customers with instant delivery to the recipient through email. Aside from Carrefour gift cards, al gift cards also have a wide range of gift cards to offer. You will find gift cards for anyone and any occasion.

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Summer Bonanza: get exactly what you pay

The advent of Summer Bonanza brings a lot more than expected. To create a wholesome experience for shoppers al giftcards have asserted the purchase of Carrefour gift cards with no service charge. This means you can now get exactly what you paid for without any price deduction from the value of the gift card. The offer is limited, so be sure to check out and make a purchase while it still lasts. It is to be noted that the offer is active only on Carrefour gift cards.

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How to use Carrefour gift cards?

Carrefour gift cards can be used for full or partial payment at any Carrefour outlet. To use the gift card you can find your e-card barcode from the voucher and simply scan it at the cash counter at any Carrefour store. If there is no Carrefour outlet nearby, you can visit the official Carrefour website and browse for all store locations. If you opt for a partial payment, the remaining balance will be stored on the card itself, which is bailable for future purchases. The gift card is valid for 1 year, while the remaining balance of the gift card can be redeemed within 1 year from the date of purchase.

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