Father’s Day 2022 will be celebrated on Sunday, June 19, 2022. This special day was proposed in 1990 to complement Mother’s Day. It is a day to honor men in our lives, and recognize their contribution. It’s also a day to appreciate all the aspects of their roles. And even though they do not seek validation for their role as the protector, provider, and mentor, it’s necessary to let them know how thankful we are. However, finding the right words to convey your feelings can be difficult. So, how will you do it? To answer that query, we have a perfect answer, and that is a father’s day cards.

A Father’s Day card is a perfect way to pen down your words of gratitude and present them to your dad, grandad, or another father figure. So, if you’re planning to get an exciting father’s day gift, adding a thoughtful card will make it more special.

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8 best Father’s Day card ideas for 2022

From online to offline stores, there is a wide assortment of card options to choose from. And that can be a bit overwhelming. So, to help you put an end to your never-ending hunt for the right one, we’ve compiled 8 of the best Father’s Day cards. Whether it’s for your dad, grandfather, or father figure, these heartfelt cards are an excellent way to show them just how important their presence is.

1. Hallmark Batman Fathers Day Card

father's day card

AED: 32.42

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Some superheroes do not wear capes. And considering how our dads go beyond the lengths to keep us safe, happy, and satisfied children, they are real-life superheroes. They are our biggest protectors, supporter, and critics, and it’s only natural for us to look up to them the most. They will never give up on our dreams and wishes and work hard to help us achieve them.

So wish the superhero in your life a happy Father’s Day with a musical card featuring a favored superhero. This musical card features a classic Batman design with bold 3D letters printed on high-quality paper stock. The “push” button printed on the front plays the Batman theme song when pressed. The card also has a sweet message printed inside. Hence, the combination of a heartfelt message and cool design makes this card a perfect father’s day card.

2. Hallmark Shoebox Funny Father’s Day Card

father's day card

AED: 23.39

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A father’s day message doesn’t always have to be a serious and heartfelt one. Sometimes it’s okay to indulge in a moment where you can share a laugh with your dad. And, there is no better way than delivering a little comical ease with a funny Father’s Day card that’s certain to earn a chuckle from him.

Bearing an easygoing cover design, this card adorns a blue ribbon attachment accented with glitter and gold foil that reads, “You’re the best dad!” However, it’s the content inside that carries the laugh-out-loud element. And, that makes this card a perfect way to celebrate the presence of important men in your life. Also, there is ample room to write a sweet message inside.

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3. Sports-Themed Pop-Up Card

father's day cards

AED: 59

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You’ll not find many sport-themed cards in the market forget about pop-up cards. So, If your dad is a sportsperson or a super-sports fan, then a sports-themed card is a perfect pick to present this father’s day.

This golf-themed pop-up card is one of the finest among the other sports-themed cards available. A small figure of a golfer with his golf bag ready to tee off will pop up when you open the card. To mimic the green grass of a gold field, the base is made green. And with the detailed etching on the bottom of the card, the golfer seems to be ready to shoot a full swing on the centerfold. So, if your dad is into golfing, this card is perfect for him. There are also other sports-themed cards available here.

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4. Thank You Husband Father’s Day Card 

father's day card

AED: 23.89

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Being a husband and a dad is two of the most crucial roles that a father has to play. It’s natural for him to put the best foot forward without leaving any room for disappointment. He shows consideration for the family and works hard to implement a positive and healthy lifestyle for all.

So, it’s only fair to tell an amazing husband and dad how lucky you are to have him. This Father’s Day card bears a heart-shaped design with copper foil details, carefully printed on a  premium quality board. The inside of the card contains a heartfelt message that’s sure to warm the heart of the most important man in your life.

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5. First Father’s Day Cards

father's day card

AED: 32.52

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In a life of a dad, several Father’s Day sprees arrive, however, none is more special than his first one. The one when he crosses the milestone and is officially bestowed the title of Daddy. And there’s nothing better than gifting him a thoughtful card full of emotions to rejoice in daddy’s first Father’s Day.

This card is the perfect gift for first-time dads from their little ones, or wives. The blank space inside the card can be used to write wishes and felicitate him on his journey of becoming a dad.

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6. Father’s Day Toolbox Pop-Up Card

father's day card

AED: 46.56

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Let’s be honest most dads are a handyman sort of person and love projects around the house. If your dad is perfectly fitted as a fixer and spends hours tinkering around the house, working odd jobs, then this card is for him.

Made from a quality blue card, this lovely toolbox card is a precious keepsake to exhibit. It replicates an accented pop-up toolbox detailed with a hammer, saw, wrench, and other handy tools. This pop-up toolbox card is an excellent gift for those tool-loving dads.

If you want to get him real tools, you can buy them here. Use Carrefour Promo Code to get exclusive discounts on your tool purchase.

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7. A Simple Greeting Card 

father's day card

AED: 20

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The dynamics of a family are different for everyone. Sometimes the relationship state is always changing, and sometimes distance plays an evil role. If you can’t tell your dad in person. You can still wish your old man or a father figure a Happy Father’s Day Card by sending a sweet message of love.

To your dad with the special messages will remind him of you whenever they hold on to it. Thank him for always being there and despite the miles, you’re still close to him as always.

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8. Grandad’s Father’s Day Card

father's day card

AED: 16. 41

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Grandfathers hold a special place in our hearts. They are shining examples of how a good father should be. For most of our earliest memories, they have been there to bestow affection, assistance, and attention. At times when you rebelled or created trouble, he’d be the first person to forgive. No holiday is complete without his presence, and one could ever replace him in your life.

So, this Father’s Day give him the celebration he deserves, and show him how much you respect, love, and appreciated him. Tell him how lucky you are to have him as your grandfather and wouldn’t want it another way no matter what.

Our list of card ideas ends here. However, there are ample Father’s Day card options you can choose from. You can even DIY your own if you have the right resources. Decide on using the right words to pen a heartfelt about your fondest childhood memories on the card. Or you can keep it short and sweet. Whatever you choose to write will be just the right thing if you present it with love. Happy Father’s Day!

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