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  • 1 Shop and Save

    We know you love shopping and hence, we want you to fall in love with shopping more! Have you ever thought how would it be to shop without having to worry about saving as well? We have, and thus our prime aim is to help you shop while you save as well! Get the best brands and shop its products at an unbelievable price with our offers and deals on CouponCodesME. So, shopaholics, it's time to assemble and get the best deals in your town with us. 

    Get, Set and Shop! Download the app for more notifications anywhere and anytime!

    Quench your thirst for shopping with CouponsCodeME! H&M, 6thStreet, GAP, Noon, Sprii, Namshi, Jazeera Airways, etc. are all waiting for your stop at it. These offers could add more surprises to your cart. So what are you waiting for? Hurry!

  • 2 Exploring the E-commerce Market

    Online shopping is becoming very popular in Kuwait. Over 32% of the surveyed population access the internet for online shopping, of which more than 90% were highly satisfied with their online shopping experience. Consumers said they spend the most amount of money on travel products and services, financial websites, hotels, followed by airlines and clothing.

    Kuwaiti consumers were clear about what factors sway their online purchasing decision. Mainly pointing to the security of payment facilities, the reputation of a website and convenient payment methods as they are the important considerations when making an online purchase.

    Even though 97% of Kuwaitis use credit and debit cards, a major percentage of online shoppers prefer cash over all other payment methods when it comes to e-commerce. The most popular online shopping categories are clothing, electronics, and travel tickets and accommodations. Some of the most popular e-commerce websites in the country are Vyonds, Gosupps, Ubuy, Mothercare, etc.

  • 3 What do you get here?

    Name it and you will get it. From a plate to a plank, from a tool to a cooler, from airways to hotel tickets, you get everything you require to survive decently. 

  • 4 How?

    Well, that is just on your fingertips. First, visit the online store, then add your favourite brand products into the cart, and finally apply the exclusive discount code at checkout. That's it.

  • 5 When?

    You can avail of these offers all 365 days. For regular updates download our mobile app and surf through our Facebook and Instagram to get notified daily.

  • 6 Banking Partners

    On special occasions, provide your customers with surprising offers and coupons from CouponCodesME. Contact us to send the required details and we will be glad to revert to you. Loyal customers are meant to be kept and maintaining a healthy relationship with the customers is the basic strategy of a good businessman.

  • 7 Corporate Partners

    Owning a company is not just enough. The boss must maintain a good relationship with his employees. Everybody loves to shop be it their daily essentials or luxurious items. Hence, reward your employees with amazing discount codes and vouchers from CouponCodesME. Contact us with the essential details and we will be highly obliged to contact you.

  • 8 Sharing is caring!

    If you'd like CouponCodesME to display your companies' codes on our website, please contact us with all the necessary information and details. We will be glad to pay attention to your interests as soon as possible. 

  • 9 Travel and the accessories

    Most customers of Kuwait use the travel vouchers and codes from CouponCodesME. With the enormous discount percentages on the flights, customers go ga-ga for these coupons. Rehlat,

    Jazeera Airways, Kuwait Airways, etc., are the most popular ones in Kuwait. has the largest number of coupons with a wide range of offers for exclusive hotels. The hotels you choose from this site provide you with high-end hospitality services. Experienced by travellers across the world, these hotels never cease to amuse you with their top-notch services. So the next you plan a trip, do the bookings from


  • 10 What is in for the Youths?

    Whether you are in the mood to study or in a mood to party. We have got you covered. Use CouponsCodesMe to get you going for colleges and parties. 

    From Vyond you can get several books and courses which are going to be beneficial for your studies. The courses offered via Vyond can be purchased by your own pocket money as the offers make sure that the price is slashed down to avoid a pocket pinch.

    Do shop the latest collection from GAP and 6thStreet that are in vogue. Stay in trend with CouponCodesME voucher codes and coupons!

    For the energetic youths who love to work out and are very sincere about their nutritional intake to stay healthy. To stay healthy, we have promo codes on your fitness requirements as well. Purchase fitness supplements or other healthcare requirements at GoSupps. GoSupps has a wide range of sports supplements and health products. So, hurry up, burn some calories and not your pockets with these discount coupons.

    Follow the simple steps and sign in to CouponCodesME with a valid university email address; type in the required information and once you've got the confirmation mail, you are free to access all the incredible student discounts.

  • 11 Get back the Cash

    Yes, you heard us right! Get cashback when you share your account code with your friends and family. Through this referral code when they make a purchase, you are eligible to be rewarded with a certain amount of cashback in your account. Isn't is simple, yet amazing?

  • 12 How to Shop Wisely
    • Read the details of the products carefully. Read the ‘in-box’ specifications in the description of the product.
    • Purchase from safe and known sites. Many fake sites are cropping up in the online market. The best way to get rid of those is to do small and thorough research about the site before you purchase anything.
    • Do not share your account details on any site. If you feel suspicious then give a ring to the customer care service.
    • Always compare the price of the products on different sites before you purchase anything. The money is yours. Spend wisely.
    • Keep the online receipts of the products you have brought. They are often required during the exchange or the repair of your products.
    • Review warranties. Many high-tech gadgets and appliances come with warranties. You have the right to review a warranty before you purchase a product. For warranty information online, look for hyperlinks leading to the full warranty, or to an address where you can obtain a free copy.
    • Can you get your money back? Check out the refund and return policies before you purchase anything from a site.
    • Make sure that your device on which you are surfing is AntiVirus software protected.
    • Check the shipping information before you purchase it. Especially, when you are paying in advance.
    • At times, an additional fee may be charged on the shipment. This will be notified to you at the checkout itself. Do not entertain any websites who charge any hidden cost.

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