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  • 1 Hello, Big Savings!

    Online shopping is the new retail therapy- where you can browse through hundreds and thousands of products with a touch of a finger and choose from a variety of brands and categories without having to run from one store to another. Online shopping also gives the advantage of availing multiple coupon codes and promotional vouchers- which in short means bigtime savings, practically unimaginable in day to day shopping.

    From household basics to trendy beauty products, from car appliances to modernised furniture, from live plants to cereals, veggies or fresh dairy products- everything can be availed through online retailing these days. And CouponCodesME brings to you all kinds of exciting deals and offers so that you never miss out on the opportunity of buying your favourite products at the lowest price.

  • 2 Things You Can Do with CouponCodesME:

    There are multiple fun activities that can become easily available to you because of CouponCodesME. If you are a trendy shopper who likes to stay in vogue, you will never go out of fashion as we have special discounts and shopping vouchers for all the high in-demand brands. Your style craze will always be vibrant with deals from VogaCloset to 6th Street, 6th Street UAE; your tech-savvy soul will find inspirations from sites like Noon or Jazp. If you are a frequent wanderer and always looking for inexpensive travel fares, then CouponCodesME can be your guardian angel by providing you with the ultimate coupon codes from Ejazah, Salam Air or Cleartrip. You can also avail great shopping deals for your little one as you get exciting promo codes from Mumzworld or Mamas & Papas. All of these exclusive deals are specifically designed to fulfil your shopaholic spirit by our expert curators at CouponCodesME.

  • 3 Why should you choose CouponCodesME?

    It is true that there are multiple coupon websites which seem very attractive from their outlook- but CouponCodesME is one of a kind. With an extensive and well-established brand connections, categorically suitable for Middle Eastern customers, we aim to create a platform to make your shopping experience unique and affordable. Our priority is our customers, so we keep on updating our database with the latest and useful financial coupons and vouchers. Our tie-ups vastly range from topmost electronics brands like UBuy or Noon to fashion brands like Ounaas and many more, sorted out based on your specific shopping needs.

  • 4 How Can You Save with CouponCodesME?

    Our website features a number of leading brands, placed in different categories so that you never have to waste much time to find out your special deals. Our authentic verification allows you to get the coupon codes with a simple click, as you are redirected to the merchant site simultaneously. We sort out the coupon codes on the basis of different geographic locations so that you can avail of the most effective deals whether you are in Abu Dhabi or in Oman.

    Once you register on our website, you can get access to all the different coupons whenever you want. Just click on your desired brand or categories, copy the codes as shown on your screen and put the code on the promo code section before you checkout on the merchant site. Your deals will be automatically applied before you place your final order. With our codes and vouchers, your shopping expenditure is likely to be reduced to a much lower level.

  • 5 Which Promo Codes to Apply Where?

    CouponCodesME aims to make the shopping experience for the residents of Oman and other middle eastern regions easier and less expensive in numerous ways. After you select your current region, you will be redirected to a specific homepage for your location, where you can find the ongoing discount deals and promotional offers under specific categories. Once you determine your desired area, you can find out the list of coupons and vouchers applicable for different sites. If your preferred brand or category is not visible outright, you can search for it at the topmost section of the homepage. You can take a look at our 'FAQ' section or directly contact us in case you are in any confusion or you want an apprehensive understanding.

  • 6 We Offer Corporate Promos!

    At CouponCodesME, you can register under your corporate business organisation name if you are willing to set up vouchers and promo codes for your customers or employees. You are required to apply to us with the correct company name, contact details, owner's information, number of employees eligible to avail the deals, and brand of choice where the deals would be made applicable. We will provide you with a unique series of codes that will be eligible for your specified group of people.

  • 7 Bank Coupons at CouponCodesME:

    If you are a national or multinational bank representative, you can get exciting deals and offers for your loyal customers. Feel free to contact us with your detailed information and we will work out a discreet deal for your needs.

  • 8 It’s a Bonanza for Students!

    With our special promotional access, any Omani student can avail upto 25% discount on specific brands like Oman Air. We are always looking for ways to help students achieve their dreams and it is our responsibility to figure out ways so that they do not burn a hole in their pockets. You just need to provide us with a valid institutional email id and the rest is on us.

  • 9 How Safe Is It to Shop Online in Oman and Around?

    It is always wise to take precautions while you are browsing online for your shopping needs. But with our help, Oman residents can be always safe and secured for their online shopping. The evolving digital financing reality of Oman is better than ever, so you have nothing to worry about while shopping for your basic needs. Online shopping gives you the comfort of sitting at home and choosing from a wide range of products from the loftiest brands in Oman, without having to run around in supermarkets for the tiniest needs. We are here to make you save the most time and money so that your shopping spree never gets compromised. You can sign up for our newsletters so that you stay updated on our latest deals and offers. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for regular updates on promotional deals and offers.

  • 10 How Do You Know About the Best Available Price?

    We want our customers to avail the most cost-effective deals and vouchers while they shop for their favourite items. That is why, we showcase categories like ‘Deal of the Day’ or ‘Trending Now’ on our websites, as we curate the best promotional offers on a particular brand or product. It is thoughtful to compare the prices before the purchase on various online retail websites. Or else, you can take help from sites like DCM Network, who make the job of price comparison easy for you. CouponCodesME assures you that you will get the most promising deals on your product by featuring the most popular products of the month/ week from our leading partner brands. Our primary agenda is to make you save the most- whether you choose to avail our promos or not.

  • 11 Some Basic Tips for A Online Shopper:

    Here at CouponCodesME, we provide you with the basic safety tips, so that your online retail therapy is uninterrupted and safe at all times.

    1. Always try to opt for the ‘cash on delivery’ option. If your desired product/ brand is not up for this option and you are bound to commit an online payment, try to choose the ‘credit cards payment’ option. It is much easier to track the payment records without the risk of frauds with credit cards than with most debit/ gift cards.

    2. It is smart to sign up for our newsletter and to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, if you want to stay updated on recent deals and offers that can be relevant to new trends in fashion, electronic goods, apparel, home and travel, food etc. We are caring towards our social media followers and we keep on posting about our deals. You can also take a look at our brand stories or blogs for a better understanding of trends and currently useful information.

    3. With big opportunities come bigger risks. There are preinstalled cookies on most websites that save customer information for quicker access. Always clear out browser history so that your privacy is never at stake. It is often seen that the price seems lower after a browser clearing. So, that’s an added advantage.

    4. Never ever trust random websites for online shopping. Make a thorough research of the website/ brand that you are going for. Check out customer reviews for the proof of their authenticity and reliance. We always verify our partner brands before redirecting you to their websites. So, you can always bank upon our safety measures while shopping online.

    5. Do not click on unprotected links as they can be phishing schemes by fraudulent companies. It often happens on social media advertisements that you end up spending a fortune because of such fraudulent schemes. Read the privacy policies as well as the terms and conditions before making a purchase.

    6. Never complete your orders before you keep a documented version of the same. It is better safe than sorry. So, we advise you to write down the order history, save the payment confirmation and take necessary screenshots for future proceedings.

    7. Before placing the final orders, go through your shipment details and return policies. If you are looking for international shipment, it is better to use external shipping companies. They ensure faster and cheaper deliveries for international shipments.

    8. Never use shared devices while shopping online. Using a personal and secured network connection keeps your data and other sensitive information (such as passwords and email addresses) encrypted and protected from risks. Use proper and functioning antivirus on your devices in order to be protected from virus and malware.

    9. In case of frauds, contact the Better Business Bureau at the earliest.

    10. Price is a fluctuating thing. Always take your time to compare the price of your chosen product on different sites so that you do not end up paying more for no reason. Use our specially designed coupons for better price deals. Also, look for the right days and occasions when you can get most of the deals.

    We hope our suggestions help you make the right call for your online shopping affairs. Use CouponCodesME for the ultimate cost and time effective shopping experience in Oman and around.

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