Work from home, online classes, and personal meetups, the pandemic made one thing in common. Yes, you are right! Video conferences and calls have become a major part of our lives. Now, you can contact anyone, anywhere in the world. It may seem easier and laid-back compared to a face to face meeting but the visual impact remains the same. To help you, we have found tip and video call essentials that will let you look your best.

Modern-day video conferencing consists of seamless video, clear audio, easy controls, and mingling of work tools. Apart from the devices, it also focuses on the individual, that is, you. Your image is easily constructed, from what you wear and how you present yourself. It becomes particularly important when you are welcoming a new colleague or a client.

That is why CouponCodesMe brings you the perfect list of video calling essentials to perform and present yourself in the right way. Not only that, we provide the best deals and discounts for you from your favorite stores. Shop with us and keep your wallet heavy.

Lighting is the key

 video call essentials
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There is a reason why we are going to take about adequate lighting supplies as the first video call essentials. If you’ve ever clicked a selfie, you know the importance of proper lighting and angle. For video calls, a mix of natural lighting and artificial is the optimum approach. Don’t worry, we are going to guide you through it.

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  1. Primary Source

Always place the primary source right behind the camera. That way, your camera, and the main light will be in the same direction. It brings out your features as opposed to creating shadows on your face.

2. Add soft side lighting

A lamp or few white light bulbs will do the trick. Place them on the right and left side of your setup. Do not use bare bulbs. The side lighting reduces the shadows and softens the lighting in the room.

Tip: Aim to balance the natural lights with lamps.

3. Optimize the natural lighting

Natural lighting is the best mode of lighting, but you cannot control it. Try to include as must as you can. Don’t get it directly behind or in front of you, as it can hamper the brightness and the contrast

Audio should be on point

video call essentials

Crystal clear audio is required for a proper interaction while video calling. No one would like to be disturbed by statics and constant repetition of “Could you repeat that again?” So, the audio equipment makes an important part of video call essentials.

Noise canceling headphones

The best way to listen to someone speak is to avoid all the other noises. You won’t be missing out on any important notices. You can checkout the best noise canceling headphones, we have sorted for you.

Dress Simple

video call essentials

We recommend not wearing bright colors, as they reflect the light off and become distracting. Neutral tones and backgrounds are the choices in this regard. For jewelry, simple or none is the way to go. The best part, you can wear anything waist down. (Make sure that you don’t stand up before the call gets over. )

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Test run everything

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It may seem like an extra step but this will help you save time and reduce problems. Check your internet connection, other devices, planned content and lighting beforehand. Ask your family member or friend to crosscheck any background noises, feedback, or sound.

Check whether your camera or the webcam is on your eye level. This will help you maintain good posture as well as proper eye contact.

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