That time of the year is approaching again when we feel the pressure to look extra nice and make a statement with our outfits. We know how stressful it can get to decide ‘last moments’ for Valentine’s Day. This is a special romantic time where one would like to look and feel our best considering the importance a good outfit holds.

Whether you are planning for a special date night, a fun day out or a casual brunch with your significant other, you’re on the right page. Get inspired and choose from this list of Valentine’s Day outfit ideas that we at CouponCodesME have curated for both him and her.

For Her

  1. A Red Dress

Valentines day outfits

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A red dress for Valentine’s Day is THE perfect outfit any woman can think of wearing. It instantly makes you look more appealing, confident and so exquisite. If your plans for the special day include a fancy dinner then this Red Strappy Mesh Dress from Prettylittlething will make the perfect fit.

Price: AED 108.00

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2. Co Ord Sets  

valentines day outfits

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With the two-piece co-Ord sets being one of the most fashionable outfits for modern women, it definitely adds that casual yet chic and comfy look for any occasion. Pair this White Waist Wrap Co-Ord Set with some kicks or neutral color heels for Valentine’s Day look which would suit best if going out for a brunch or a fun day out.

Price: AED 255.00

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3. Halter Tops 

valentines day outfit

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Halter tops are one of the chicest and most comfortable fashion favorites of women from the early ’90s to now. Elevating a complete effortless style, halter tops are the perfect outfit look if you are meeting with a “galantine” this 14th and would want to look seamlessly beautiful. Use the code “NM42” to set 20% Off sitewide at Namshi with CouponCodesME.

Price: AED 102.00

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4. Sequin Trousers

valentines day outfit

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Sequins are one of the biggest trends popping out recently and are on their way to make it big in 2022 and what better way than to wear one for your Valentine’s Day date? For that extra charm and flair to your outfit, these Straight Leg Sequin Trousers would be the right choice to make you sparkle as a whole.

Price: AED 259.00

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5. The  LBD

valentines day little black dress outfit idea

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A little black dress is one of the most iconic looks that has never gone out of style and remains to be a fashion staple for all occasions. If red is not your color then black definitely should be the other option for you. This LBD  is sure to make you look stunning for any date idea on Valentine’s Day. Avail of 10% discount on your order from Azadea when you use the promo code “AZ20” at checkout via CouponCodesME

Price: AED 54.00

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For Him

1. Casual Suits

men suits valentines day outfits

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This Valentine’s Day look your best with the trend of casual suits which would fit into for a dinner date, a brunch date or even a first date because it’s one of the easiest and the most casual yet formal looks to go for. Simply leave the buttons open, pair it up with a t-shirt that matches the suit along with some awesome kicks and you are ready to go.

Price: AED 364

2. Slim Fit Chinos

valentines day men chinos outfit ideas

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A go-to look for any occasion and up to the person who wears it to style them accordingly be it casual or formal. Slim fit chinos are one of the best fashion choices for men to pick as it gives that stylish comfy and edgy look. Pair up these chinos with a shirt of your choice and some sneakers to have that ootd on point this Valentine’s Day.

Price: AED 225.00

3. Men’s Blazer

men's blazer outfit idea valentines day

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It’s no secret that a blazer can elevate any outfit and make it look classic and formal (according to the way one styles it). This Valentine’s Day opts for a blazer that would make you look stand out and make your date a perfect one in terms of your looks and your flair. Don’t forget to use the code AL779 to avail of 10% off your order from 6thStreet when you shop via CouponCodesME.

Price: AED 174.00

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4. Long Coats

men coats outfit idea valentines day

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A timeless classic and a fashion must-have for any man out there, long coats can make your look go from 0 to 100 real quick and give you that strong masculine look. This Valentine’s day you can opt for a long coat to give you that extra lift needed to impress your date. What’s even better is you get a sitewide discount of 15% when you use the code “GZZ22” shopping with CouponCodesME.

Price: AED 373

5. Black Turtleneck

valentines day men oytfit ideas

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Because they are stylish and sleek, Turtlenecks are what LBDs are to women. Yet another classic fashion staple, if you don’t have any specific outfit idea in mind then a black turtleneck would be IT. Pair it with a simple gold/silver neck chain to add some style to your look and you are ready for your Valentine’s Date.

Price: AED 53.20

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Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be stressful for you and it definitely doesn’t have to be heavy on your pockets. With these outfit ideas, we hope it helped you a little bit to narrow down on your options to look for the best find.

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