February is just around the corner, which means Valentine’s Day is on the horizon. And, if you’re looking for romantic Valentine’s Day gifts, then CouponCodesMe has you covered like always. Right from Rose Day and Propose Day to Kiss Day, we have gifts for every day of the love week. Whether you’re celebrating the holiday with your partner, parent, best friend, or kids, make them feel extra special by buying them an amazing gift.

Every day of Valentine’s week is special, and you can make the most of the love-filled week by making it more memorable for your loved ones. To ease the task of choosing the right gift for each day of the romantic week, we’ve curated the list according to Valentine’s week. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the list. But before that, let’s go through some FAQs to understand the significance behind Valentine’s Day and its celebration.

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Valentine’s Day Deals & Offers

What is Valentine’s Day?

Observed every year on the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day is a popular holiday to celebrate romantic love, affection, and admiration. Celebrated in almost all countries around the world, the holiday has become a secular festival in recent years. Moreover, it is also one of the most commercially important holidays. Traditionally speaking, the day is celebrated by exchanging gifts, planning a romantic day together or surprises, and even hosting Valentine’s Day-themed parties. You can also take it as a personal holiday to pamper and take care of yourself.

Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated?

Whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day, one thing you should know is that its history and origin go way back. And while it may seem like a common holiday celebrated universally, there is more to the day than just that. There are several myths, stories, and claims. And the most accepted narrative is the commemoration of saint Valentine’s death.

Declared a saint in 270 A.D, the holiday is based on Saint Valentine, who used to perform weddings for young lovers in secret. The then emperor, Claudius II who opined unmarried men made finer soldiers than wedded men with wives and kids, prohibited marriage for young men.

Saint Valentine found it unjust and defied Claudius’s decree by continuing to perform marriages. When his actions were discovered, he was ordered to be martyred by the emperor. Later, Valentine’s Day was celebrated as the day to commemorate St Valentine’s act for love. Therefore, the holiday is also known as St. Valentine’s Day.

Another story was that Saint Valentine was a priest who was killed for assisting Christians in escaping the Roman prison. There are various stories of St Valentine, and to this day the holiday is shrouded in legend. Before that, the holiday was associated with the Lupercalia festival in ancient Rome, where couples were paired by picking names from a jar.

When is Valentine’s Day 2024?

Celebrated on February 14th every year, Valentine’s Day is a fixed holiday in the calendar. This year, Valentine’s Day falls on Wednesday. The day is preceded by valentine’s week, which starts on 7th February as Rose Day until the last day of the love week, which is Valentine’s Day.

With that, let’s dive into our list of Valentine’s Day gifts for every day of the love week.

Gifts for Rose Day

Rose day which starts on 7th February this year marks the start of the Valentine’s week celebration. As the rose is seen as a symbol of love, courage, and beauty, it is deeply associated with the celebration of Valentine’s Day. So, make the day special by gifting one of the below options to your loved ones.

Heart-shaped Roses Arrangement

Valentine's day gifts

Red Roses In Heart Shape Box, AED: 279

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Ideal for any occasion, flowers are perfect for any occasion. And out of varied flowers, roses are a classic choice as they’re used as a display of love and affection. So, a simple bouquet will make a perfect present on Rose Day for your Valentine. While there are various arrangements you can choose from, a heart-shaped flower arrangement takes the cake.

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24K Gold Rose Flower Gift

24k gold rose

24K Gold Rose Flower Gift, AED: 12.66

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Take your Rose Day gifting up a notch by going for something exquisite, lasting, and aesthetically pleasing. This 24K golden rose is designed keeping the beauty of the rose in mind. Ideal to be gifted to your loved ones, it comes with an equally elegant box.

Eternal Rose with Necklace

Valentine's day gift

Eternal Rose with Necklace, Real Flower Jewelry, AED: 169.90

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Gift something more than just a bouquet this Rose Day. While sending fresh roses is surely romantic, they will last only for a couple of days. So, how about gifting a preserved rose that will help your affection bloom for a long time? Moreover, this preserved rose also comes with a beautifully designed eternal necklace.

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Gifts for Propose Day

Following Rose Day, comes Propose Day will fall on 8th February Wednesday. As its name suggests, the day brings about the perfect opportunity to express your love and feelings to your loved ones. If you’re yet to profess your emotions to your beloved or crush, there’s no other special day than Propose Day. To make the day more special, here are some gifts to consider.

NASS Double Frame Diamond Ring

diamond ring for valentines day

NASS Mystery Set Double Frame Diamond Ring in 14kt White Gold, AED: 5250

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If you’re looking for the right time to pop the big question to your partner, then there’s no better day than Propose Day. Get down on your knees with this stunner, and she won’t be to say no. And, if you’re already married, you can still present it to your life partner as a Valentine’s Day gift. As the saying goes ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ this ring will surely satisfy the recipient.

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Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau De Toilette Perfume

perfume gift

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau De Toilette 100ml, AED: 515

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When it comes to go-to gift options for special occasions, perfumes are always loved and appreciated, thanks it their ability to lift the mood through divine smell. Apart from that, perfumes help to boost confidence and help create special memories. And if you’re looking for a good perfume, this charmingly simple and fruity perfume by Marc Jacobs is a good option. Infused with sweet berries, white violets, and white daises, it comes in a stunning bottle.

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Matching couple bracelets

matching couple bracelet

KINGSIN Couples Matching Bracelets Gifts, AED: 56.17

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Rings are excellent as proposing props, but they’re not the only options. Designed to symbolize eternal love and friendship, these bracelets come with a magnetic charm that attracts them to each other when they’re close. It also highlights the shared bond between you and your partner, no matter the change in path.

Gifts for Chocolate Day

Celebrated after Propose Day, Chocolate Day will be observed on February 9th, Thursday, this year. As sweets are an ideal approach to mark any special occasion, the week of romance is incomplete without sharing the sweetness on the day. So, here are some Chocolate Day gifts to sweeten the special day.

Best Deals & Offers

Godiva Luxury Chocolates

Chocolates for valentines day

20 Pcs Godiva Luxury Chocolates, AED: 209

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Special occasions and happier time call for an exclusive box of delicious chocolates. So, surprise your loved ones with this sweet delight from Ferns N Petals. Carefully arranged in a square velvet edition box, these luxury chocolates will surely win the heart of your loved ones.

Sweet N Fragrant Chocolate and flower bouquet

chocolate day

Sweet N Fragrant Chocolate and flower bouquet, AED: 179

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Surprise your special person with a bouquet of chocolates this Chocolate Day. Intricately curated with red roses and Ferrero rocher chocolates, this delightful combination is sure to make your significant other smile. The bouquet comprises 13 red roses and 16 pieces of chocolate beautifully draped and bound together with a ribbon.

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Gift Box Pamper and Treats Hamper

gift hamper

Gift Box Pamper and Treats Hamper, AED: 136.50

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Why limit the gifting option to just chocolates when you can go beyond that? On this Chocolate Day, give a hamper that includes all the goodness of self-care along with the sweetness of chocolates. Carefully packed, this pampering box contains bath bombs, soy candles, cozy socks, and hot chocolate put together in a box. To make it more personalized add a card with a sweet and romantic handwritten message.

Gifts for Teddy Day

The fourth day of the week of love is Teddy Day which falls on February 10th, Friday.  And as the name proposes, on this day couples give, and exchange teddy bears as gifts to convey sincere sentiments. Moreover, a cute teddy bear can effortlessly liven up the mood and fetch a smile to the faces. Besides, teddy bears are one of the most loved soft toys, and because of this, there is a special day dedicated to them during Valentine’s week.

MissTiara Giant Teddy Bear Plush Toy

Teddy day

MissTiara Giant Teddy Bear Plush Toy, AED: 113.05

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Gift your loved ones this cuddly companion this Teddy Day. Tailored using the finest quality material to ensure durability, it is extremely plush and soft. It flaunts a heart design and a scarf around its neck that further enhances the cute element. Plus, it can also be used as a cushion or pillow.

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Mob Teddy Bear Plush Key Ring

WC Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear and Heart Keychain Assorted: AED: 3

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The WC Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear and Heart Keychain Assorted, featuring an adorable design and premium materials, is an essential for romantic occasions. Adorned with a red bow tie, the teddy bear holds a heart-shaped keychain, symbolizing love and commitment shared with your partner.

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 Hand-Made Rose Teddy Bear

Teddy day

 Hand Made Rose Teddy Bear, AED: 79.99

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On Teddy Day gift something truly different, appealing, and timeless. Crafted using artificial flowers, the lovely blooms are meticulously assembled in the shape of a teddy bear. Each of the roses is handmade and since they’re not real they can preserve the color for years to come. So, gift this luxury rose teddy bear to your loved ones and deliver immense joy this Valentine’s.

Gifts for Promise Day

Promise Day is celebrated on February 11, and this year it falls on a Saturday. On this day, couples make a promise to each other for a life-long commitment, affection, and effort. To make your vow on Promise Day more momentous, here are some gifts that you can give to your beloved ones.

Sassu fine Endless Love Silver Promise Ring

Promise day

sassu fine Mens Womens Endless Love Silver Rings Adjustable Ring, AED: 142.40

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Celebrate togetherness and take the pledge for a lasting bond, love, and commitment by gifting this promise ring. Designed for couples, these silver rings showcase a neat composition. Moreover, it’s also adjustable so you don’t have to worry about the size. It also comes with a box and jewelry polishing cloth.

SMOOTHMOOD premium candle

Promise day

SMOOTHMOOD premium candle, AED: 107.10

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If you’re looking for a meaningful Valentine’s Day gift, then these candles are a worthy pick. Showcasing an impressive design with a heart-touching message, the candle is handmade using premium quality organic soy wax and lavender essence oils. It is completely eco-friendly, and the container can be reused or recycled. So, this Promise Day melt the heart of the special person in your life with this romantic and aromatic candle.

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Promise day card

I Promise to Always Be by Your Side Card, AED: 34.38

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This Promise Day make a promise to your better half, friend, or family member, with a meaningful greeting card. Profess your love, and vow to be by their side through thick and thin with a Promise Day card. The card has a blank page inside, so you can make it more touching by jotting a personal message.

Gifts for Hug Day

Following the footsteps of Promise Day comes Hug Day on February 12th, Sunday. As hugging is seen as a gesture to express love, support, and assurance, it truly deserves a spot on Valentine’s Week.

When it comes to gifts for Hug Day, there’s no better gift than a bone-crushing hug. Of course, you can still opt for a lovely gift such as a huggable teddy bear, flowers, or chocolates. However, a simple hug is the best way to show your dear one’s love and care.

Gifts for Kiss Day

After the celebration of Hug Day, you celebrate Kiss Day on the 13th of February, Monday, a day before Valentine’s Day. Also considered a golden day in Valentine’s week, it is a day to express affection towards your loved ones, and a kiss is the best way. To make this day more special, below are some gifts that you should truly consider gifting.

Garden Tales Mistletoe

Kiss day

Garden Tales Mistletoe Swarovski, AED: 470

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Kissing under the mistletoe has been a decade-long tradition that foretells happiness and togetherness for a long time. So, gift this elegant and stunning crystal creation that illustrates a branch of mistletoe. This lovely gift can be used as decor and displayed either in a small or big vase.

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MengCat Cat Coffee Couple Mugs

Kiss day

MengCat Cat Coffee Couple Mugs, AED: 58

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Step up your gifting game by going for something extremely unique, sweet, and practical. Beautifully designed, these cute kitty mugs are sturdy and durable. Moreover, the pretty design is something to marvel over.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

The final day of the week is Valentine’s Day which will be celebrated on February 14, Wednesday this year. Celebrate this day by spending time together with your dear ones, going on dates, performing romantic gestures, and planning surprises.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, the traditional options are flowers and chocolates. You can also pick something from the above-mentioned gifts. And, if you want something other than the above-listed options, read this article to get some amazing Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

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