Before we get started on the top fashion brands in the UAE, there’s something to be discussed first. It is a well know fact that UAE is a fashion hub of the world. It is a hot spot for shoppers and tourist buyers and plays host to many fashion brands. From globally renowned fashion experts to rising designers, UAE platforms a variety of fashion trademarks like no other. Supplied with chic local designs to elegant Haute couture, from vintage statements to trendy luxury pieces, you’ll find the best of the lot.

The list of luxury and famous brands available in the emirates is a long one. In that regard, below is a list of the top fashion brands you can’t resist shopping for. So, refresh your wardrobe with style and elegance, and give yourself a new look.

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Top fashion brands in the UAE you can not miss to shop online

When it comes to fashion trends there is no certainty. Some trends last for ages, while some come and go like a gust of wind. However, everyone has their sort of styling and preferences. Some like to sync with the ongoing trends, while some like maintaining an attitude and sticking to their own sense of styling. Fashion is comprehensive because of its cyclical nature. And no matter if you’re a trend follower or a trendsetter, we always feel entitled to invest in branded merchandise.  The reason behind this lies in the fact that branded products not only provide royalty, but also credibility and durability. So, throw your own identity with eccentric styles by choosing among these top-notch fashion brands.

1. Gucci

top brands in the uae

Gucci collection

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Known for its dynamism and artistic aesthetic, Gucci is a renowned name in the world of fashion. Founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, it is one of the oldest Italian fashion brands. With the engagement of many top fashion designers, Gucci embodies a sense of appeal with its fun patterns and fine tailoring. The products are crafted with the highest quality materials with no compromise.

The brand is always in tune with the latest fashion trends and rolls out a ton of styles that matches those trends. Not only does the brand is in sync with trends, but it also sets fashion trends. The styles are easy to put together offering more comfort and casual appeal. And, this is why it is a top pick, even for celebrities.

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2. GAP

top 10 brands in the uae

GAP Collection

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Founded in 1969, GAP is an American clothing and accessories retail brand. The brand offers a relaxed attitude to casual wear styles that are loved by many. Unlike luxury fashion houses, GAP isn’t a high-end brand, however, they offer products of the highest quality and detailed craftsmanship. Its contemporary and casual apparel are suitable options for every occasion for men, women, and kids.

GAP also maintains sustainability to lessen the environmental impact by using sustainable materials. It is a fast-fashion retailer which makes it one of the top fashion brands not only in the UAE but all around the world.

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3. Guess

top fashion brands

Guess Collection

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Guess has a long history of creating high-quality denim jeans. The brand was founded in 1981 by the Marciano brothers and took the fashion industry by storm. Their black and white advertising became a highly memorable campaign which helped their denim collection become a wardrobe staple. This lifestyle brand has expanded worldwide with a focus on creating fun and easy pieces.

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4. Dior

top 10 brands in UAE

Dior Collection

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When you hear the name Christian Dior, you can immediately hear its luxurious ring to it. Famed for revolutionizing the fashion industry, Dior is one of the top fashion brands in the world. Despite the brand’s initial focus on women’s fashion collections, the luxury house also offers an ethereal collection for men and kids.

Besides clothing, Dior also contains products across categories like footwear, handbags, accessories, skincare, cosmetics, and many more. The brand is popular for its artistic craftsmanship and the luxuriousness of its products.

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5. H&M

Top 10 fashion brands in the uae

H&M Collection

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Known for its wide range of fashion essentials in varied styles, H&M is the ultimate fashion hub. Through a combination of affordability and the latest trends, this Swedish clothing giant has grown into one of the most popular brands in the world. As fast fashion is the mainstream, the creations of the brand are always in sync with ongoing trends.

Besides this, H&M is also committed to sustainability and is the first brand to introduce textile production through recycling. They also allow customers to bring in their unwanted clothing items to their stores for the recycling program. You can get all your desired items at affordable prices without compromising on quality and styling.

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6. Prada

top 10 brands in uae

Prada Collection

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Founded by two brothers Mario and Martino Prada, The House Of Prada initially started as a high-end leather shop. But it was Miuccia Prada, their granddaughter, who transformed the luxury house into an empire. In luxury fashion, the brand is a true emblem of commitment to contemporary art and culture. The brand’s clothes and accessories portray both classic and eccentric styles topped with fine craftsmanship. The designs are innovative and classically refined making it one of the top fashion brands in the world.

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7. Calvin Klein

top fashion brands in the uae

Calvin Klein Collection

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Established in 1968 as a coat shop, Calvin Klein has grown to become a well-known brand. It is one of the best-selling fashion labels with products ranging in various categories. Though the brand is best known for its underwear garments and trusty jeans, the brand also offers countless clothing and accessory collections. The brand also offers fragrances and one of the best-known numbers is CK One.

The brand boasts a casual and flirty style that attracts customers. This lifestyle clothing label produces products that are always high-end and laidback. With the test of time, Calvin Klein has not only survived but is on continuous growth.

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8. Zara

top top brands in the uae

Zara Collection

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Initially named Zorba, the brand’s name was changed after learning there was a bar with the same name. Popular for its eccentric clothing collection, Zara specializes in fast fashion. It is one of the most successful fashion retail brands in the world, their designs are never stagnant. The brand offers stylish apparel for men, women, and kids, along with other items like perfumes, footwear, beauty, and accessories. Zara is always in sync with the latest trends and designs its products with new styles.

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 9. Louis Vuitton

top fashion brands in the uae

Louis Vuitton Vintage Collection

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Famous throughout the world for its elegant designs and bold prints, Louis Vuitton is in a league of its own. The luxury fashion house serves exceptional products that boast refined craftsmanship and durability. They have a diverse assortment of products of the highest quality. And what sets them apart from the rest is the brand’s emphasis on workmanship in the age of coast efficient production. Their product range includes shoes, bags, apparel, and accessories.

Louis Vuitton also boasts a host of famous personalities as its brand ambassadors. The list includes celebrities like BTS, Emma Stone, Sophie Turner, Liu Yifei, and the most recent Deepika Padukone.

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10. Adidas

top brands in uae

Adidas Collection

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Adidas is one of the famous sports brands renowned for its footwear and clothing line. The brand focuses on customer satisfaction, thanks to its high-quality manufacturing. With its successful brand identity, and the famous three stripes, the brand has managed to garner large customers worldwide. Their designs are crafty, unique, and innovative. The brand understands consumer needs and crafts products accordingly.

Currently, the brand is aiming to achieve climate neutrality across its own operations by 2025.

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