Amazon UAE is the Amazon of the Middle East. Where else will you find products that are unheard of and unique? Amazon AE is a marketplace where you will find pimple popper, toilet golf, and pet fountain. It’s there if you look for it. Exclusive on Amazon, CouponCodesME presents to you all the weird products that you never knew existed. Allow us to surprise you. It’s definitely going to make you say  “that’s strange.” has the most bizarre and unique display of items you didn’t know you needed. This International eCommerce has definitely changed the whole concept of online shopping and the UAE customers can’t get enough. Want some weirdness in your life? Download the Amazon app and shop these peculiar items at great prices using the discount codes.

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Meat Shredder Bear Claws

Meat shredder claws strange product

Meat shredder claws Price: AED 25

Why fantasize about Wolverine when you can be one in the kitchen? This surprising kitchen tool is actually an efficient way to shred meat at home. Is anyone interested in making Mutabbak or momo? 

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Jail for Mobile Phones

Jail for Mobile phones in the UAE

Mobile phone jail Price: AED 40

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The utility description of this product is a “fun way to restrict access to mobile phones.” Beware, everyone, when this jail comes home, you literally need a key to access your cell phone inside a cell. It has never been this literal.

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Umbrella Hat

Weird product on Amazon AE

Umbrella Hat price: AED 47

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Go handsfree with a hat to keep you dry in the rain. Yes, an umbrella hat is a genius product that should have arrived much before than it did. The hat comes with an adjustable elastic strap. It can protect you from the rain, but it should not give you a headache.

Finger Sleeves

finger sleeves


Finger Sleeves price: AED 20.99

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Your face needs a mask in the pandemic, but your finger needs…? No, not gloves. It needs a finger cover made of silicone gel. Initially, the purpose of finger cover was to avoid getting dusty leftover on your fingers after food, but now it is for hygiene reasons, gaming sores, and more.

Canned air

Canned air oxygen

Boost Oxygen Think Tank Natural Portable Sport Outdoor Exercise Therapy 10 Liter Pure Canned Oxygen, AED 717.76

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Yes, you can buy canned fresh air. Amazon UAE has a product called “canned oxygen” which is apparently the purest form of oxygen by removing CO from ambient air and then filling it in steel cans.  It comes out to be about 99% nitrogen and 21% oxygen with no impurities at all!

Bread Pillow
Baguette Pillow

Bread Pillow Price: AED 190 

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3D Baguette Bread really looks like a loaf of bread, but it is actually a pillow! Added to that, it even heats up like a real piece of bread. Bread pillow is among the favorite Amazon buys for customers who have purchased it. Dreaming of food is now pretty literal.

Instant Underpants

Instant underpants just add water

Instant underpants Price: AED 105.43

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Try not to laugh at this. If you need an extra pair of underwear, you only need water. This Archie McPhee item fits in the palm of your hand, but if you need to turn it into underpants, just soak in water. It can help you in tricky situations, but we would not like to know.

 Pet Water Fountain

Pet water fountain on Amazon

Pet water fountain Price: AED 85

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You drink filtered water from your tap, and your pet deserves it too. Pet lovers will agree. So here’s a pet water fountain available on Amazon UAE that filtrates drinking water for your pet.

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Grass Slides

Grass slides

Grass Slides, AED: 98.95 -107.91

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Maybe it’s been ages since we have walked on grass, but with these slides, you always can. This footwear lined with synthetic grass is odd, but poetically it makes sense.

Biker Desk

Bike desk home workout

Bike Desk Price: AED 2417

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What’s your excuse to not work out? Work? Well, that cannot be an excuse anymore with a workout workstation. Keep your laptop on the desk and start pedaling. Get work done when working out.

Potty Putter Toilet Golf
Potty putter golf Amazon UAE

Potty Putter Golf  Price: AED 84

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Forget phones when you can play golf while in the toilet. Potty putter golf toilet is surprisingly a hobby for a couple of customers. Some can’t have enough. Not literally. 

These are 11 bizarre things only available on Amazon UAE. It may be weird but items like Biker Desk, finger gloves, and even an umbrella could be useful. Amazon’s global expertise makes life so much easier for their shoppers. Become an Amazon prime member by simply signing up for Amazon Prime. Get the ultimate shopping experience in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, or anywhere around the Middle East.

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