Tired of beating your own high score? Promotion to the master tier maybe your call to become a professional gamer. Get ready to smash the competition with your own professional gaming setup.

The recent years have brought competitive gaming and gamers to new heights and fame like never before. In Korea, professional gaming or E-sports is recognized as a multi-million dollar business, you can even get a bachelor’s degree in E-sports!

In 2019, Red dead redemption 2 sold 23 million copies in the first weekend of its launch, earning $725 million. Right now, the top earning gamer on the list is Ninja ( Tyler Blevins) with $17 million in 2018. He is a Twitch streamer turned Mixer streamer, Drake’s former Fornite teammate. We will help you plan and take your first step to turn your gaming from a hobby to a job with a professional gaming setup.

Who is a professional gamer?


A full-time competitive player, with a career in gaming is known as pro gamers. They are paid to play video games, either by their teams or the sponsors. They compete in E-sports tournaments around the world with a heavy cash prize.

You can level up with the right professional gaming setup and follow your dreams. Before entering huge tournaments, you need to get spotted. You can either upload your best gameplays on YouTube or stream it on Twitch.tv and Mixer.tv. These are online streaming platforms that allow players to stream real-time gameplay to an audience all over the world.

Professional gaming setup supplies


E-sports is giving opportunities to young adults to make six-figure salaries from playing games. Sounds easy, right?  But in reality, you need to put in hard work, have the right tools and equipment.

The professional gaming setup initially seems expensive, but it’s worth it. Today, CouponCodesME will help you get your path to professional gaming with discounts and deals, you will love.

Here are the essentials items from Menakart, to build your own professional gaming setup and be a pro gamer! You can save AED 70 on your order with the code “DCMNX032”.

Gaming monitor

Professional gaming setup

Logitech gaming monitor

Normal PC monitors are different from the gaming monitors used in professional gaming setup. The sharp moving images, fast refresh rate, and sync improvements are in gaming monitors. Ghost images, motion blur, on-screen jittering, and other gaming display issues are limited to make your gameplay more fun and interactive.

Price: AED 675


Professional gaming setup

Logitech Gaming Headset Wireless G533 7.1 Surround Sound

Whether you want to discuss strategy with your teammates or hear the enemies approaching, a good headset is the must. Get your hands on the best headphones under AED 300, which fits your head perfectly with a clear fuzz-free sound.

Price: AED 775

Gaming mouse

Professional gaming setup

Logitech Gaming Mouse Wireless G703 LIGHTSPEED

What is the difference between a normal desktop mouse and a gaming mouse? A gaming mouse is practically a normal mouse but it doesn’t squeak! Just kidding.

A gaming mouse has additional features that make gameplay easier, be it adventure or strategy based. It is designed in a way to suit high-intensity programming and gaming. You will notice the difference right away, with programmable buttons, high sensitivity, faster response, and adjustable weight.

Price: AED 649.00

Gaming keyboard

Professional gaming setup

Logitech Gaming Keyborad Wired G910 Mechanical Orion Spectrum RGB

A true gaming keyboard will add an extra edge to your professional gaming setup. They are designed to game situations and needs with speedy response and fast reaction time.

Gaming keyboards use mechanical switches instead of the membrane technology used in standard keyboards. Along with it, the gaming aesthetics is brought out differently for you, in gaming keyboard with lights or a customizable RBG.

Price: AED 1099

Gaming controllers

Professional gaming setup

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller – Glossy Black

Controllers are generally used by console gamers but you can add to your arsenal with keyboard and mouse. They are more suited to be placed in your hand and you can play the game from anywhere.

The type of game you play also affects your professional gaming setup. If you like playing fights, racing, or arcade type games, controllers are the best options. If you play games that need accuracy, you can opt for, keyboard and mouse instead.

You can also check out the best controllers under AED 300 for your budget. 

Gaming chairs

Gaming chairs

Gaming chairs are important! Comfort with adjustable features, they are built to help you relax while playing. Cool features that help you keep your posture in check. A gamer can’t be slouching, right?

Reach out to your goal and enjoy every moment of it! We hope you have an incredible journey with the professional gaming setup. Beat them all!

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