Are your neighbors too loud? Do you dislike unnecessary noises from the kitchen? We get it, working from home has a challenge of its own. Don’t worry, your ears won’t have to bear it anymore. We have the why and what that will make a noise-free room.

What is noise and how can you stop it?

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First of all, noise is sound. Acoustics lesson recap, just for you: there are two types of sounds. You have the airborne sound traveling through air, that includes every sound wave that falls on your ear.

The second one is structural sound, which are carried forward through an object, like footsteps. When the structural sound becomes airborne we hear it.

A noise-free room is a rather difficult task as sound waves travel the path of least resistance. The noise that irritates you, can be from a small crack on the door or bouncing off the air vent. Saying all that, we assure you that a noise-free room is not impossible to achieve.

Why is a noise-free room important?

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Noise is an invisible danger to your health. You can’t see it but you can feel the obvious toll it has on your body. As mentioned earlier, noise is sound, and it is measured in decibels.

Now, you don’t have to reach the standard of “A Quiet Place” to be safe. You just need to ward off, unnecessary sounds, and limit the noise entering your space. Now, let’s see why it’s important to have a noise-free room:

  1. Noise causes physical problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep disturbances, and stress.
  2. WHO found out at least one million healthy years of life are lost each year in Europe alone due to noise pollution (and this figure does not include noise from industrial workplaces)
  3. The noise that you hear while sleeping can be the most damaging. Your ears pick up and transmit sounds even when you are asleep. These are filtered and interpreted by the brain. Your body reacts in different ways via the nerves that travel to all parts of the body and the hormones released by the brain. Cases such as hyperarousal and headaches are common.

Products to build a noise-free room


The above-mentioned problems can be easily tackled with proper planning for a noise-free room. You don’t have to go overboard, you just need to be aware.

CouponCodesME has your back and your ears in this cruel world of noise (that’s dramatic, maybe not).  Get your noise free room in budget with AliExpress coupons.

You can use the code “ali002” to get $4 off your order! Hurry hurry and check out the following products from Aliexpress:

1. Bumper pads for the doors

Noise free room

The doorknob is no longer going to bump into the wall or the cabinets. These door bumpers are the first thing for your noise-free room.

Price: AED 2.76

2. Noise insulation pads for your furniture

Noise free room

Don’t you hate that screech when you pull the furniture around? Now that won’t be a problem. Your noise-free room will never know what sound dragging makes nor it will see any marks on the floor as well.

Price: AED 4.19

3. Soundproof strip

Sound proof strip

The small gap under your door can be the source of all your problems. You can add this to your child’s playroom as well. No bugs, dust, or odor for your noise-free room.

Price: AED 24.58.

4. Rubber Damper Buffer

Noise free room

You can reduce the harsh sounds of slamming cabinet doors and drawers by up to 30% with this buffer. It can absorb impact shock and sound.

Price: AED 16.39 (100pcs).

5. Noise-canceling headphones


One of the best ways to counter unnecessary sounds is to hear the sounds you like. In your noise-free room, you can find your healing in the music you love. Check out the best noise-canceling headphones from our picks.

6. Silicone kitchen utensils

Noise free room

The heat-resistant silicone utensils are the underdog for your noise-free room. You won’t notice the change right away, but slowly you will realize that the noise that used to come from your kitchen has vanished.

Price: AED 21.13. Buy it here.

7. White noise machine

Noise free room

White noise machines are a must for your noise-free room. The emitted white noise blocks out loud noises and creates a peaceful environment.

Price: AED 45.30.

8. Earplugs for sound sleep

Noise free room

Earplugs are the only way, for some people, to block out noise while they are asleep. It can significantly improve the quality of your sleep.

There are a few disadvantages that come with it. It can be uncomfortable or cause earwax to form. So, you need to choose earplugs of good quality to match your noise-free room.

Our pick is these silicone earplugs from AliExpress. Price: AED 10.

9. Soundproofing tape

Noise free room

Soundproofing tape will provide you with the finishing touches to your noise-free room. Create acoustic barriers, with less to no noise from the cracks.

You can add to your bedroom windows and places.

Price: AED 10.69.

10. Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Sleeping Earphone

Noise free room

If you like to hear your favorite music while sleeping, this wireless headphone is for you!  You can wear it as a headband while you’re exercising as it’s sweat absorbent and machine washable.

Price: AED 43.64.

We hope you have a peaceful time after setting up your noise-free room. Don’t forget to get some problem-solving products for your day-to-day life. Keep in touch with us for the latest updates on fashion, lifestyle, and trends.

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