Coronavirus is something new that is happening in the world, but in movies, it’s done and dusted.

Ever since the outbreak of Coronavirus, we are living in isolation and maintaining a good social distance. However, we’ve already seen how those situations unfurl. That is why so many movies are said to have predicted this deadly pandemic.

A popular Disney movie ‘Tangled,’ witnesses Rapunzel isolated in the tower, basically a lockdown in her kingdom which is named the ‘Kingdom of Corona.’ And as usual, the bizarre and accurate predictions made in ‘The Simpsons’ TV show is a no brainer. Reports have it that the 1993 episode on the outbreak of Osaku flu is eerily similar to Covid-19. A South Korean drama of 2018 called ‘My Secret Terrius’ is going viral because the doctor on the show can be heard saying that the patient is ailing from a mutant coronavirus (Season 1, Episode 10). She says, “We must do more research, but it looks like a mutant coronavirus.”

To be honest, the world has observed thousands of conspiracy theories and predictions beyond human imagination.  Call it uncanny or accurate, here are some films available on Amazon that have information about the emergence of novel virus and ways to combat them.


Contagion, 2011

Contemporary plagues have afflicted humans both physically and mentally. A movie with a gripping storyline, Contagion is about a race against time journey of the worldwide medical community against an airborne virus that kills humans within days. The average person touches his face three to five times every minute making the transmission of virus unconsciously but quickly. A horrifying and realistic performance by Hollywood’s stellar cast like Matt Damon, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Laurence Fishburne, and Gwyneth Paltrow, Contagion is a cold-blooded medical thriller that focuses mainly on the cause and effects of an epidemic. The epidemic has no treatment protocol and vaccines apart from self-isolation and cleanliness? Sounds familiar? A catastrophic turn of events that quickens globally, the film is loosely based on the upsurge of the Nipah virus that took place in Malaysia, 1992. Directed by Academy Award winner Steven Soderberg presents a scientifically accurate movie on topics such as death rate, vaccine development, social breakdown, and anti-government conspiracies.

World War Z, 2019

World War Z,2019

Most Hollywood directors have created zombie-themed movies that are based on a virus outbreak or a disease spread which affects the human brain in inexplicable and surreal measures. Based on a book (World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War) by Max Brooks, World War Z is a spooky treat for movie buffs who enjoy horror blended with suspense at every turn. The roller coaster pace of the film is engaging with fast-moving action scenes, thrills, and chills, and a spine chilling adrenaline rush performance by Oscar-winning actor Brad Pitt. The story of the film is about a United Nations employee Gary Lane (Brad Pitt) who is called in to help prevent a pandemic that has decimated the lives of people worldwide. This film is able to plant the dreadful imagination in viewers of the zombie outbreak situation if it ever takes place in the future. Directed by Marc Forster, World War Z is probably one of the best zombie apocalyptic films with impeccable special effects (both sound and visual) that deals with credible instances that may result as an end to the human race.

Train To Busan

Train to Busan, 2016

Director Yeun Sang-ho presents a harrowing experience on a viral outbreak of zombies. Considered to be one of the most entertaining horror films of 2016, this film makes us ponder upon various societal issues and human nature in times of crisis such as family protection against all odds, unity and even concealed xenophobia. A provocative film about a divorced workaholic whose life takes an uncertain and spontaneous turn when he decides to gift his daughter a trip to Busan, where her mother lives.  The movie’s ruthless turn of events is oddly terrifying and entertaining at the same time. ‘Train to Busan’ weaves horror with nonstop thrills and tragic incidents. One infected person’s ability to affect a train filled with passengers with no exit until it makes a halt at Busan. Race to survive begins.

I Am Legend

I Am Legend, 2007

“I’m not..I’m no infected. I’m not infected. Please..”, says a hopeless woman holding a child with thousands of others infected with a plague that has the potential to kill most of humanity and can transform some into nocturnal monsters. Then we meet Lt. Col. Robert Nevile (Will Smith), a U.S. Army virologist, who lives an isolated life with his German Shepard. He is a survivor living in New York whose family died in a failed evacuation operation.  To make matters worse, Darkseekers are behind humans and they can be best described as vampires with cannibalistic traits. We are not revealing more plots of the film, but, I’ Am Legend’ accumulates special effects and hard-hitting storylines based on the 1954 novel of the same name. A post-apocalyptic action film that showcases and predicts the dangers and effects of human experiments and evolution.

Children of Men

Children of Men, 2006

In 2027, the world is startled by the death of Diego, the youngest person on the planet who was 18 years, 4 months, 20 days, 16 hours and 8 minutes. Descriptive in its storytelling, Children of Men is a film based on women’s infertility in the post-apocalyptic, ungovernable and anarchic phase of the earth. Amidst the chaotic angry mobs who can no longer procreate, a former activist (Clive Owen) agrees to help transport a pregnant woman to the human project- greatest minds in the world working to rebuild a new society. On the brink of societal collapse due to two decades of human fertility failure, the film justifies its brilliance in miraculous screenwriting methods, cinematography, art direction, and innovative action sequences. A dystopian action thriller movie that creates an aura of hope and despair, this Alfonso Cuaron directed film exposes the probability of government’s helpless oppressive law when human extinction occurs. No children. No future. No hope.

93 Days

93 Days, 2016

A movie that has been globally recognized for its genuine portrayal of heroic and tireless efforts of medical staff in Nigeria. The deadly Ebola crisis was sweeping West Africa and Nigeria was on the verge of becoming the next hot zone for the virus. The message or the central theme of the movie is particularly based on one question- what happens when a virus outbreak takes place in a megacity with over 21 million people? An uncontrolled and terrifying approach results change the manner and lifestyle of humans gravely. Winner of Audience Choice Award at Minneapolis St.Paul International Film Festival 2017, the film is documented in an informative way. The effects of Ebola and the loss of human lives across Africa along with a continuous and determined effort to fight and contain the virus is highlighted. The World Health Organisation called Nigeria’s fight against the Ebola virus a “spectacular success story” in October 2014.


Tangled, 2010

What is a fairytale doing on the list? You’ll see. Earlier, the makers of ‘The Simpsons’ has claimed to be the only animated show that stupefied the world by its randomly accurate forthcoming events (we are all aware of that). Of late, gigantic empire Disney’s ‘Tangled’ has dumbfounded the minds of all because of its resemblance to Coronavirus. Why you’d ask? Nathan and Byron, the directors of the film had never thought in their wildest dreams that ‘Tangled’ would make so much sense after nine years of its release. The story is of a lost and lonely princess named Rapunzel captivated in an isolated tower by Mother Gothel for years.  The reason why Tangled is famous is because of its interpretation of the island where Rapunzel was born and locked up- Kingdom of Corona. With the thematic likeness of the movie dealing with isolation and protectiveness with the ongoing virus outbreak, one cannot unsee the significance of Tangled. Poignantly reflective, isn’t it?