Are you ready for the living room challenge? Because this quarantine your living room is your place to shine. High-end brands have come forward to raise awareness and challenge you in your living room with the ‘living room cup’ campaign.

We know about the importance of fitness in our lives. From improving the respiratory, cardiovascular, and overall health to maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding the risk of diseases, the living room challenge is going to help you achieve your fitness goals.

We are to make you ready to face the challenge. To improve, you will need the right mindset, gear, and clothes.

Today, CouponCodesME with Splash brings the best activewear collection for you. Take the living room challenge to stay fit at home. Get 10% off your order by using the code, “2SA602”.

Jog it out

You are working out and if you don’t have some joggers on, are you even working out? Here, we have the Full length printed jog pants with pocket detail and drawstring. This track pant is made up of 90% cotton.

Workout outfits

Full length jog pants

Price: AED 44

You can complete the collection by adding the Plain hooded jacket.

Price AED 75

Buy it here.

Fit into Tees

Loose and breathable t-shirts are the best friend of a workout routine. Giving your body space to breathe and move during the workout, and not confining it with tight clothing is extremely important.

We have found the right one for this job, the Kappa Printed T-shirt with a crew neck and short sleeves. It will certainly help you take on the living room challenge with much ease and comfort.

Outfit workout

Crew neck t-shirt

Price AED 69

Sweat in sweatshirts

Sweatshirts trap heat inside the body and help you warm-up faster. If you’re hydrated properly there is no harm in having warm workouts. If your muscles are cold, there is a high risk of pulling a muscle during a workout.

Therefore, to match up with your workout routine and provide you with the hidden benefits for the living room challenge, we have found the Kappa Printed sweatshirt with a round neck and long sleeves.

Living room challenge

Round neck sweatshirt

Price AED 80

If you prefer hoodies, you can opt for a printed hood sweatshirt with kangaroo pockets.

Living room challenge

Hooded sweatshirt

Price: AED 80

Power up with shorts

It’s summertime, and honestly, there are times, wearing anything else besides shorts during a workout is torture. You are at home, and you’re working out alone no mirrors, and no dress code. Yes! You can ace the living room challenge in shorts.

We have Sustainable plain shorts with printed tape and pocket detail for your comfort.

Living room challenge

Sustainable plain shorts

Price AED 80

Socks, you need it.

Have the right pair of socks for the living room challenge. For those wondering, socks during a workout help in maintaining healthy feet. If you’re into lifting weights, it will help you engage more muscles and be more grounded. It will manage and reduce foot sweat.

Living room challenge

Kappa socks

Our choice is the kappa textured crew-length socks with ribbed Hem.

Price: AED 16

Caps, why not?

Caps are a mental trigger to your mind. It eliminates distractions and helps you focus on yourself. Not just that, it helps to keep your hair in place and sweat a little bit more. A little sprinkle of style for your living room challenge outfit!

Our choice is the kappa textured cap with a plate buckle closure.

Living room challenge outfit

Price: AED 16

Another stylish option is to Kappa printed bucket hat.

Living room challenge

Kappa bucket hat

Price: AED 20

Buy it here.

Give yourself the best during this Quarantine, because it is giving you the time you deserve. Have a safe, healthy, and productive quarantine!