The holiday season is just around the corner and what would a home look like without proper decorative accessories? You definitely need the right ones adding up to the warmth and excitement of the season. We know home decors can be expensive but that need not be the case always. There are plenty of ways to make your home look attractive and exquisite without burning a hole in your pocket. At CouponCodesME, we are here to help you with just THAT!

Create a space where not only you but also your friends, family and loved ones feel good being around. Let your home appeal itself through the decors and accessories you put up. Without further ado, we present to you our list of 12 Home Décor Items To Make Your Space Feel More Homely This Holiday Season. Shop with the tried and tested promo codes from CouponCodesME and avail amazing discounts on your purchase.

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  1. LED Floor Lamp

home decor ideas for holidays

Amazon LED Standing Floor Lamp

Living rooms are the epitome of a home, the space in which countless memories are made. Add up to the vibe and warmth of your living room (or any other room) with this sleek and classy-looking Amazon Led Floor Lamp at AED 275 only. Generating that warm light for the home is important as it sets the right mood and ambiance, good lighting changes the atmosphere, completely transforming the space to suit your home. 

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2. Alphabetical Printed Rug

home decor ideas for holidays

H&M Tufted  Alphabetical Printed Rug

Add some quirky décor to your home this holiday season with this Tufted Alphabetical Pattern Rug from H&M. Especially with homes with a large percentage of hard flooring, rugs can be the most overlooked. But these are arguably essential décor to give an aesthetic touch whilst also maintaining a well-styled space. Further, they also help in covering floor stains, keeping the floor warm and making it easier to walk around the house. Priced at AED 219 only, grab this fast-selling H&M rug before it’s out of stock.

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3. Wall Mirrors

Floral Wall Hangings Frame

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Reflecting both natural and man-made lights, wall mirrors are an essential part of homemaking. They make the spaces feel more open, inviting and bright. Depending on their shape, size and style, wall mirrors will definitely help you complete the look of any space. Make a statement to your home this holiday season with the Floral Metal Wall Mirror from Amazon at a discounted price of AED 193 Only.

4. Decorative Pillow Cover

home decor ideas for holidays

Amazon Fur Faux Pillow/Cushion Cover

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Commonly used to tie in the color accents of a room and its aesthetics, decorative pillows/cushions also come with certain other benefits. These offer support, helping you sit in a comfortable position and ultimately to add up to your sofa/couches. Decorative pillows could be one of the most important accessories to have which gives that luxury on a budget. Check out this Soft Fur Faux Cushion/Pillow Cover at AED 73 only and bring comfort and style to your home at the best prices with CouponCodesME.

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5. Throw Blankets

home decor ideas for holidays

Amazon Safavieh Jacqui Metallic Throw Blanket

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Throw blankets work as an amazing style statement. Place them on a sofa, basket, chair or your bed folded, draped or hanging, it will add up to the aesthetics of your space making it a classy accessory for home evoking a warm vibe. Check out this Amazon Metallic Throw Blanket at AED 267 AED Only available in three different colors to choose from. Cover your space this holiday season with throw blankets using CouponCodesME promo codes and avail great discounts while doing so.

6. LED Pillar Candles

home decor ideas for holidays

Noon LED Battery Operated Pillar Candle

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Ditch the normal scented candles this season and opt for LED Pillar Candles from Noon at AED 25 only. Light up your space with these battery-operated candles for long hours of extensive usage without having to worry about turning the flame off or the candle getting over. Featuring a dynamic shape and luminous hues which beautifully reflect light and color, this will be a perfect addition to your home within a budget without any doubt. Shop more at Noon during their Yellow Friday Sale and avail amazing discounts using CouponCodesME promo codes.

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7. Crockery Set

home decor ideas for holidays

Amazon Lorren Home Trends La Luna Bone China 57-Piece 24K Gold Floral Design Dinnerware Set

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There is nothing in the world that a beautiful China crockery set cannot add beauty to, one can actually express themselves and their taste in home decors through the world of crockeries. Chinaware’s add that luxurious touch to your space, Invest in good Chinaware with the Amazon  La Luna Bone China 57-Piece 24K Gold Floral Design Dinnerware Set at AED 1,654 only and avail discounts when you use promo codes from CouponCodesME at checkout and add that grandeur to your dinnerware collection which reflects the beauty of your home.

8. Wall Tassels

home decor ideas for holidays

Jollychic Hand-Knitted Tassels Wall Hanging Decoration.

A unique statement piece for home decors, Wall Tassels add that aesthetic, bohemian touch to your space and it requires little to no commitment to make it happen and wall tassels are major home décor trends that we’ve seen popping up lately. Made of cotton and wool threads which are long-lasting and durable, get your space this beautiful from  Jollychic at a discounted price of AED 274 only giving your home that warm earthy look.

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9. Wooden Plant Pot

home decor ideas for holidays

H&M Wooden Plant Pot.

We all are aware of the importance of having plants at home, for both decorative and other wellness purposes. Plant pots help in making the home or the garden space look more attractive as they often stand out. Based on the type of plant which it holds, plant decorations also help in reducing tension, background noise and make your environment cleaner and healthier. Get this Earthy Wooden Plant Pot from H&M for AED 99 only and give your plant babies and home a new look for the holiday season with CouponCodesME.

10. LED Moon Lamp

home decor ideas for holidays

Amazon LED Moon Light.

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One of the trendiest home décor items to have been this captivating LED Moon Light Lamp with remote control from Amazon. It gives you the choice of changing its light to 16 different colors and comes in various sizes that fit your liking and space at AED 89 only. Adjust its light and color according to your mood or occasion at home to give it a stylish yet trendy look and make it feel more personal.

Create the background of the best life you can have and feel good about it while you do so with these 12 home décor items, we have listed for the holiday season which could make statements throughout the year.  Do explore them and keep visiting the official websites of CouponCodesME to check out deals and discounts on your favorite brands for a happy shopping experience.

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