With the commencement of spring, various brands are dropping the latest and trendiest spring collection of fashion and accessories. However, the augment of the season need not be limited to just clothing and outfit supplements. Just as our wardrobe needs a seasonal upgrade, our homes also need some fresh touches now and then. So, invite the lighter days to your home and deliver a reinvigorated onset to the season with the stylish assortment from the H&M home collection.

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Top Picks From H&M Home Spring Collection

Keeping the collection in mind, we have curated a list of top picks from the collection. However, before we get onto the list, let’s find out everything about H&M home and what it’s offering this year.

What is h&m home?

First launched online in 2009, adopting a home-textile concept, H&M home is an interior design brand within the H&M Group. The brand offers stylish home decor items and accessories ideal for every style to help elevate your home interior. With the help of market extension through many shop-in-shops and online, H&M opened its first standalone concept stores in 2018. The products within the brand range from premium quality bed linen and classic dinnerware sets to contemporary furnishings and lamps.

Whether you want to renew the look of your living room, kitchen, or your bathroom, the H&M home spring collection offers all sorts of assortments. So, pick your favorite addition from the spring assemblage, and embellish the interior setup of your home with the assistance of H&M home items.

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What’s new at HM home?

H&M’s newest spring home decor collection brings in a cozy throw of the stunning candlestick, stylish vases, and statement trays in abstract sculptural patterns and shapes. With the focus on pastel tone in lilac, green and yellow, the stylish and trendy collection will vitalize any room. Additionally, the seasonal launch also offers budget-friendly planters and wicker baskets in trendy colors and designs.

While green is a big lure of the seasonal drop, the new designs bring more on the platter to see. You’ll also find accessible pieces in artistic and bold details, such as the tufted cushions in recycled cotton, on-trend glass lamps, ceramic vase, and tactile rugs adorned with a pop of lavender and yellow. No matter your personality, add a fresh touch to your home with the variety of versatile products that HM home is serving this spring.

Add A Touch Of Personality To Your Home

1. Cushion covers

The spring launch of H&M fetches a wide selection of cushion covers adorned with a perfect blend of seasonal accents and long-lasting style. The cushion covers are mostly crafted from lighter fabrics like cotton, wool, velvet, and linen, the cushion covers are designed in hues of stunning colors in various shapes and sizes. Featuring designs such as all-over print, braided appliqués, print motifs, and tasseled corners will add loveliness to any room. Style your home with these colorful cushion covers and boost the look of your home.

They also have soft and comfy inner cushions that you can pop inside your favorite cushion covers. For extra snuggle, pair the cushions with these comfy blankets.

hnm home collection

Patterned cotton cushion cover, AED: 29

Buy here

hnm home

Appliquéd cushion cover, AED: 149

Buy here

hnm home

Tufted wool-blend cushion cover, AED179

Buy here

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2. Candles & Candleholder

Besides being a great decorative accessory for the home, candles, and candle holders are also functional and appealing. Lighting candles deliver warmth to your home and create a tranquil and soothing ambiance. Commonly used for their positive vibe and serene features, candles come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, smells, and designs. However, if left unattended, lighted candles might cause unpleasant events, so it’s better to use a candle holder to avoid mishaps.

From metal candlesticks with a round base to scented candles in stylish glasses and ceramic holders, large lanterns in metal, and clear glass to tealight holders in stoneware. H&M Home has the best assemblage in a range of styles, colors, and materials. So, add the perfect finishing touch to any room with these exquisite pieces.

They also have a gift pack containing a scented candle and a diffuser set. With the help of bamboo reed, spread a pleasant aroma around your home.

hnm home

Scented candle in glass holder, AED: 75

Buy here

hnm home

Small metal candle lantern, AED: 45

3. Kitchenware

A kitchen is the epicenter of the home, where most of us start and end our day. It’s a place solely dedicated to preparing meals where close ones gather together and eat food amidst the hustle-bustle of life. No other room in our home aids a distinct purpose except the kitchen and washroom. Not to mention that our day-to-day living mostly centers around the kitchen. Hence, it’s significant to keep it organized and updated with most delinquent kitchenware.

With the seasonal launch of various kitchen items and kitchen decors, H&M Home has everything you need for your kitchen. Whether you’re planning a casual supper, gala dinner, or a cozy family night, you’ll find the most exquisite kitchenware items. From glazed terracotta serving bowls to carafe wine glasses, graphic-patterned porcelain cups and plates to rattan baskets. Pick your favorites from their large range of tablecloths, napkins, cutlery, tea towels, and tablemats.

hnm home collection

Stemmed glass, AED: 59

hnm coasters

4-pack stoneware coasters, AED: 59


Round jute table mat, AED 49.00

When it comes to home interior, the presence of furniture plays the most significant role, either as decor or as a utility. The wide-ranging variety of furniture, such as stylish couches, sturdy tables, and comfy beds, elevates the entire appearance of the house. Besides carrying a luxury symbol with functionality, they complete and complement the grace and beauty of the house and workplace. They have become a necessity and the paramount aspect of planning an interior space.

So, level up the interior aesthetics of your home with the help of the H&M home spring statement. Their furniture edit offers stunning side tables, comfy lounge chairs and stools, and wall-mounted cabinets.

hnm home

Storage-detail side table, AED;999

HNM home collection

Wooden folding chair, AED: 699

Buy here

hnm home

Jalousie-door bedside table, AED:799

Buy here

5. Lighting

In terms of glorifying the ambiance of living space, lighting is one of the most significant components. Besides adding style as interior decor, lighting entities illuminate any room and create a safe and comfortable environment. Bad lighting tends to deliver outdated and inhospitable essence to a room, so picking the lighting that perfectly matches the accent of the house is vital. Without suitable lights, the interior architecture of the home is unfinished. So, you have to be creative while implementing lighting if you want to construct ravishing and functional interiors.

Whether you’re looking for a trendy desk lamp for your workspace or a chic bedside table lamp for your bedroom, the lightning assemblage of H&M Home has the most magnificent pieces. Crafted with ceramic, wooden, and marble every piece from the collection is designed to suit your style. The collection also includes lampshades in velvet and pleated options.

H&M home collection

Buy here

hnm home

Metal floor lamp, AED:349

Buy here

hnm home cellection

Rice paper lamp shade, AED: 75

Buy here

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6. Rugs & Mats

Rugs and mats are essential elements that conclude the overall interior. They contain the capability to influence the look and feel of a room. Rugs either pose in accord with a room or can make an eye-drawing statement by adding a pop of class too boring and unwelcoming spaces. Besides that, rugs also help dampen vibrations which in turn aids reduce sound transfer. They come in handy, especially if you have hardwood or tiled floors in your home.

So, whether you want to add a new rug, carpet, or mat to your living room or bedroom, browse for the perfect selection from h&m home. The lively patterns, vivid colors, and assorted textures will provide an instant makeover to any room.

The collection also has jute doormats and coconut doormats with upbeat prints to create the most hospitable atmosphere for your humble abode.

hnm home

Town-motif cotton rug, AED:219

Buy here

hnm rug

Unicorn-shaped rug, AED 219.00

Buy here

hnm home collection

Patterned pile rug, AED:399

Buy here

Wrapping Up: 

That concludes the list of our top home decor picks from the H&M home spring collection. However, the list just doesn’t end here. You can visit the H&M online platform and browse for required home furnishing products.

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