Hello to the witches and wizards, it’s time to decorate your lair and attract the little humans. If you have trouble finding the right things, fear not, as we are here. Finding the perfect Halloween decorations to match the spookiness is no longer hard.

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Halloween decorations for the dream haunted house

cheap halloween decorations

Turning your home into a haunted house seems expensive but it doesn’t have to be. With this compilation of Halloween decorations to make your house ready for some trick or treat. The products are taken from Desertcart, an online shopping site that finds products from all around the world! you can use the code “DC10” for 10% off your order.

Bloody Hands

halloween decor ideas

A bloody handprint on your window, what can set the mood better than that? Stick it on your window from inside and for fun add some “Stay out” stickers as well. Splash some fake blood on it to make the picture more real and keep them wondering about the sticker at night.

Price: AED 22

Severed Fingers

Halloween decorations

Hide these fake severed fingers around the house or in the yard. Scare your guest with fingers in random places. Bonus points if you dip it in the fake blood and prank your friends. This pack of five fingers looks very close to the real deal because of the latex. The human hand-like design, skin color, vivid blood painted to the skin makes the fingers more realistic disgusting and horrifying.

Price: AED 48    

Caution tape

halloween decoration

Let there be a warning for anyone who dares to enter your premises. It is self-adhesive, you can stick it on the pillars and walls according to your creative choices. You can create a maze from the gate to your door with the tape. Anyone coming to your party or sweets have to cross it. A game from the start.

Price: AED 51

Hanging ghost?

halloween decorations

We are quite serious when it comes to the Ghost, get at least one to guard your backyard. In daylight, they look friendly and sweet but at night, you better be ready. From the corner of the eye, anyone will be scared of this 52″ display and dare not do a double-take. You can wrap it around the gate, tree or another decorative banner you have set up.

Price: AED 62

Fake Blood

halloween decorations

Spooktacular stage blood looks and flows like the same thing, don’t be unnerved and have fun with it. If you are applying it on yourself, we suggest you pour it in a cup and apply it on yourself with your fingers. It will distribute it evenly. For a scene, you can simply pour the liquid on the spot. The product is tried, tested and proven to not stain you or your space. It goes off with soap and water.

Price: AED 81


halloween decorations

What’s a haunted house without any webs? Spider cobwebs are a staple of Halloween decorations, The more you have the better. This product can cover 1000 sq. ft. indoor or outdoor. Did we mention that it glows in the dark as well?

Price: AED 85

Window decorations

halloween decorations

Leaving your windows clean is not an option! Decorated them with this 113 pcs sticker pack. You can have black bats with red eyes, dark gray bats, large black spiders and spiders. It is easy to apply and to clean afterward.

Price: AED 93

Trick or Treat Banner

halloween decorations

As spooky and eerie you want your house to be, you should be the friendly neighborhood witch. With an inviting Trick or Treat banner, let the kids know that it is safe to approach the house. (And you will not eat them for dinner.)

Price: AED 93

Night lights

Halloween decorations

The jack-o’-lantern is a part of the Halloween celebration, let’s make it special by adding a cool-to-touch LED light. You can keep it on your countertops, porch or a mantle. Look at the with soaring in the sky as you light up the lamps.

Price: AED 98

Pumpkin String Lights

halloween decorayions

An eerie glow from this warm pumpkin string light will make your Halloween decoration a little more spooky. This eye-catching bright nightlight can lit up your front porch and get your numerous compliment. You have two modes to choose from, the steady and blinking, set it according to your mood.

Price: AED 98. Buy it here.

Have a great spooky Halloween night. Be whatever you want to be and remember to have fun! Host a party or a small family dinner with your loved ones. Follow us for more beauty, lifestyle, and fashion-related content.