Give your kids something beyond just candies this Easter! Occasions during quarantine are bound to be different— be it the Easter celebration or the gifts. Lockdown doesn’t mean depriving your children of Easter gifts. Your children will love these presents the Easter Bunny is going to leave for them!

From accessories to plushies, puzzles, books, and toys, we have found the best presents to please your kids with this Quarantined Easter.

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1.Bunny-themed Easter baskets

The kids will need a basket for the Easter hunt, to store all of their favorite items sneakily into their own baskets and munch on them later.

What would be better than a bunny-themed Easter basket to receive gifts from the Easter bunny himself!

Our pick is this Easter Bucket Basket Eggs Hunting Bag.

Quarantine Easter gift

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2. Stuffed Bunny Toys

Every kid in the history of being a kid loves stuffed animals— be it a bear, a car, or just anything at all. Everybody loves these soft cuddly plushies.

Bunny is one of the cutest animals on the planet. Your kids can have one all for themselves. This cute stuffed Bunny animal will surely be receiving a lot of hugs and kisses from your child.

Our pick is this Cute Rabbit Kid Plush Toy.

Quarantine Easter gift

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3. Bunny ears hairband

A chance to hop around like the Easter bunny! Which kid would miss a chance like that? To jump in their outfit, flopping those ears around, give your kid the adorable Easter bunny look with cute Bunny-eared headbands.

A Quarantine Easter gift as sweet as this would surely bring a toothy smile to your kid’s face. Who knows, they may be the next Easter bunny!

Our pick is the Fancy Bunny ear hairband.

Quarantine Easter gift

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4. Bunny magic puzzle box

Can you believe it? A magic puzzle in a rabbit-themed wooden box! A learning opportunity for your kids filled with magic and fun. Kids are going to love this magic box.

Designed for children over 18 months, this puzzle has 60 levels of the game. The varying level of difficulty helps in developing the brain’s mechanism to cope with difficulty. In the process of the game, the baby builds awareness to distinguish between colors and shapes.

Quarantine Easter gift

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5. Easter cookie cutter set

Have fun in the kitchen with your little ones. With the Easter cookie cutter set, you and your child will surely have some memories of baking and eating those Easter cookies.

A Quarantine Easter gift to double the fun, the learning part would be for the kids and eating for both of you.

Quarantine Easter gift

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6. Dimmable silicone Night lamp

A remotely accessible night lamp in the shape of a bunny would definitely excite your kid! A perfect night lamp for your kid’s room, it is portable and easy to operate.

It can be an addition to their bedroom and they can use it even after Easter. Kids are going to enjoy playing around with this Quarantine Easter gift in their room.

Dimmable bunny night lamp

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7. Candy Snack box

No more jelly beans in a sack this Easter. This Quarantine Easter gift is going to make sure the candies are delivered properly to the kids and in a cute way too.

The kids will love this bunny-themed candy bag filled with goodies from you. They can seal it and keep it away, and satisfy their sweet tooth whenever they want. You can’t say anything, as it’s from the Easter Bunny himself!

Easter snack bag

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8. Rabbit barrettes

Barrettes- the 90’s beloved hair accessory has certainly made a huge comeback. Make sure your kids stand out in style with these bunny barrettes.

These cute barrettes will make your kid’s hairstyle look oh-so-pretty! Everyone will be gushing over this Quarantine Easter gift, even after Easters.

Quarantine Easter gift

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9. Rabbit charm pendant

The missing piece of your child’s Easter outfit, this gift will add the perfect Easter vibe to the OOTD.

After all, wasn’t Rabbit the most stylish one amongst everyone in Wonderland?

Our pick is this Natural pink chalcedony rabbit pendant with 925 sterling silver.

Rabbit Sterling silver pendant

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Easter is always about giving. A gift given is a gesture of pure love, affection, and gratefulness. Make sure you celebrate an amazing Quarantine Easter with the gift we have been given— the gift of time.

A playroom for your kids will be more than delightful. Set up a great playroom for your children with this simple guide. Learning is just as important for children and what’s better than fun learning.

We wish you and your family an amazing Easter!