Your father’s probably been there for you and your family forever— taking care of everything and always being the strong one. But the pillar of the family could do with some attention too, right? This Father’s Day, how about you give him back the love and care that he truly deserves? Well, it’s better if you make him feel this way every day but this month’s third Sunday of June, let it be all about him and him only.

CouponCodesME presents to you ways you can make your old man feel special on Father’s Day.

Greet him with a handmade card or note

Father's Day CouponCodesME

How often do you give your dad a card or a note? Besides the usual morning greetings, surprise your dad with a handmade note or a card you made especially for him. Tell him how important he is and how much you love him. Giving someone father’s day cards and notes with personal messages serve as a wonderful gesture of expressing one’s emotions and feelings. Also, one can always keep and cherish these little things for a long long time.

Serve him some amazing breakfast

Father's Day CouponCodesME

Start this Father’s Day by preparing your dad’s favorite dishes for breakfast. Whether it is a sumptuous English breakfast or whatever he prefers usually, just make sure you make it with love and plate it with utmost care. Tell him that it is his day and all he needs to do is take some time off and relax. And if you lack cooking skills you can always look online for food and recipes.

Take him for an outing

Father's Day CouponCodesME

Remember that time when you were little and you got excited about all the outings your dad used to take you on? Well, now you can do that for him! Keeping social distancing and the government’s safety norms in mind, you sure know what your dad likes to do or where he likes to go. Whether it’s fishing or playing golf or anything at all, take him there and let him have the time of his life.

Treat him to a fab lunch

Father's Day CouponCodesME

Tired and hungry after all the fishing or golf playing? Treat him to a delicious lunch! You don’t have to wait for Take Your Parents to Lunch Day, you can celebrate it as a part of Father’s Day too. Whether he prefers vegan cuisine or any other type, let him enjoy an appetizing meal. Take this opportunity to catch up with him and let him know how grateful you are for having him in your life.

Give him gifts

Father's Day CouponCodesME

On this father’s day celebration surprise him with gifts— watches, perfumes, or anything else your dad might like. You could even go for revamping his wardrobe. Besides, dads needing fashion advice is not a new thing, is it? Complement the collection with a cool pair of sunglasses that suit his style. You could also give him gifts that encourage his hobbies. If your dad is into music, you can gift him a musical instrument. Or dad’s a gamer? Check out these amazing online games.

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Customize a personalized basket

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This Father’s Day gift basket to your dad. You’re aware of what your father likes or needs. So why not customize a cool basket including all his essentials? You can ask your mom or others in the family for help and make a list. Whether it is clothes or shoes or even grooming essentials, just get them, put them in a basket, wrap them with love, present them to him, and watch his smile grow wider with each item he discovers in the basket!

Celebrate with a family dinner

Father's Day CouponCodesME

Irrespective of everybody’s busy schedules, make it a point that every member of your family has to be present for dinner together. You can even set up a small Father’s Day celebration in your backyard or terrace in honor of your dad. Have a BBQ night. You can even organize short games in between to make it fun.

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Make the most of this day

Father's Day CouponCodesME

You don’t have to take him out to posh places or do all sorts of things to please him. You can even just stay in and engage in interesting conversations, listen to his favorite music, or watch his favorite shows with him. It is all about spending quality time with your dad and making him feel special one way or another. Besides, you don’t even have to wait for Father’s Day to make him feel special— you can make him feel special every day, with all the little things you can do for him or simply some affectionate words you can say to him.

Here’s wishing all the dads a very Happy Father’s Day!