Ramadan is drawing to a close, and we know observers all over the world will be celebrating the feast of Eid ul-Fitr. The celebration is bound to be a little different this year, due to the rise in the COVID-19 pandemic globally. We hope and pray you and your loved ones remain safe during the Eid Celebrations this year.

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Eid celebration around the World

Eid celebration

Eid ul-Fitr marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. This is the month of fasting from dawn to sunset, with spiritual reflection and prayer as the core principles. Prayers and the big meal shared with the family is actually the main event but people around the world have their way of Eid Celebration.


Eid celebration

“Eid Mubarak!”, translates literally into “blessed Eid”, the most common greeting you can use during Eid celebrations. Whether you belong to the religion or not, this greeting is a way to show your support and acceptance to your loved ones who celebrate the festival. You may also hear, “Eid sa’id” which means “Happy Eid”. Hugging is a part of the Eid Celebration. It is a sign of friendship and goodwill. However, because of the ongoing pandemic COVID-19, it is important to take precautions beforehand. Virtual hugs are effective if you pour love into them.

The greetings change from country to country. With 2 billion Muslims around the world, from different races, dialects, and nationalities, it isn’t surprising that the greeting might be more different than you think. 


Eid celebration

Food unites everyone together! Ending the month-long fasting, it is quite expected to get a huge feast at the end! Eid celebrations are incomplete without the traditional meals and most importantly, the sweets! If you are the host of the lovely Eid party, have your guest taste the wonders from Deliveroo with the table ready with the Pottery Barn Collection.

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Let’s look at the dessert chart for the favorites of the different countries and tell us your favorite:

  • Iraq and Saudi Arabia: Kleichas are the national cookie of both countries. They are rose-flavored biscuits filled with nuts and dates. Along with that, Dates are a very important part of Ramadan and Eid. Eating dates at Suhoor (pre-dawn meal) is considered nutritious.
  • Yemen: Bint al Sahn or Honey cake is the Yemeni Favorite. It is topped with nigella seeds and is a popular dessert on the table
  • China: Fried flour, water, and yeast patties are an important part of the Eid feast. It is also given as a gift.
  • Turkey: Baklava and Turkish delight are the classic sweets of Eid. They are not just popular in Turkey, but all over the world.


One of the main traditions of Eid is based on one of the five pillars of Islam: Charity. A special type of charitable deed is called “Zakat al-Fitr”, which is given at the end of Ramadan or in advance. With the charity, the ones in need are also ready to join in the Eid Celebrations. There are some unique traditions around the world that may amuse you:

  • In Afghanistan, a popular Eid activity known as Tokhm-Jangi takes place. Hard-boiled eggs are painted and then you have a food fight with them! Your aim is to break the opponent’s egg while keeping yours intact.  
  • In Turkey, young children go around the neighborhood, door to door wishing everyone. They get awarded with candy, sweets such as baklava, or even small amounts of money! Wouldn’t you love that?
  • In Pakistan, Eid is enjoyed most by kids. They receive money in cash which is called “Eidi”. Elders look for fresh and crisp banknotes to gift the kids! The State Bank of Pakistan issues fresh currency notes every year for this exact purpose!

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