Extreme Sports Expo is back and it will be bigger and better than the last. Thanks to a number of world records broken last year, over 10,000 visitors are expected this year.

Appealing to the sports enthusiasts and neutrals alike, the expo will host 120 action sports including motorbike stunt battle and underwater shooting championship. To be held at the 8,000 sqm of space at the Dubai World Trade Center, the three-day event will witness markets, showrooms, business exchanges, and several new platforms and activities.

If that’s not enough to convince you, then hear it out… entrance is free for visitors!

Divided into three categories, CouponCodesME brings to you everything you need to know about the Extreme Sports Expo.

The Middle East Dive and Fish Expo

underwater sports Dubai

Date: 9-11 January

Venue: Dubai World Trade Centre, Sheik Saeed Hall 1

The Middle East Dive and Fish Expo is the largest exhibition of its kind in the Middle East Region. A meeting space for watersports enthusiasts, expect to say hi to fishermen, freedivers, scuba divers, instructors, and marine businessmen from all over the world.

Even for beginners and interested individuals, this expo can be a thorough introduction into the world of water sports. Here, you will be able to surround yourself with the best brands and the latest innovations in the world of water sports.

You will also witness the International Underwater Shooting Championship 2020 Dubai. An underwater sports tournament that tests a competitor’s ability to accurately use a speargun in a swimming pool while freediving on a breath-hold.

Fun Fact

In the last edition of the expo, athlete and competitive freediver, Branko Petrovic set a new Guinness Book Record for the longest breath-hold underwater of an impressive 11 minutes 55 seconds.

Dubai Motorbike Expo

Extreme Sports Expo Dubai 2020 CouponCodesME

Venue: Dubai World Trade Centre, Halls 1 & 2

Date: 9-11 January

Time: Thursday and Friday- 10 am – 8 pm, Saturday- 10 am – 4pm

Visiting this expo means surrounding yourself with motorbike enthusiasts and professionals from all around the world. The expo is set to expose you to the world of latest innovations and brands in the field of bikes as you immerse yourself amidst world-renowned exhibitors including Ducati, Royal Enfield, Moto Guzzi, and Aprilia.

The Expo will also be hosting The Dubai Motorbike Stunt Battle, where you will witness many local, regional and international stunt athletes going neck-to-neck to ace the game. The stunt battle has two categories, Sport Bikes, and ATVs. The participant who completes as many stunts in 2-minute rounds wins.

Fun Fact

Captain Abdulla Alhattawi, a member of the Dubai Police Force, Dubai Police Stunt Team and one of the top ATV stunt athletes in the world has set the new Guinness Book World Record for the longest Wheelie at an impressive 60km.

Dubai International Bicycle Exhibition

bicycle sports couponcodesme

Venue: Dubai World Trade Centre, Halls 1 & 2

Date: 9-11 January

Time: Thursday and Friday 10 am – 8 pm, Saturday 10 am – 4 pm

Join the biggest cycling exhibition for the MENA region at the Extreme Sports Expo 2020. You will expose yourself to all the latest advancements that the world of cycling has been making. From regional and international exhibitors to cycling clubs and bicycle demo area, this event has it all. Since cycling is the most practical, eco-friendly and healthy mode of transportation, the aim of this exhibition is to bring the world of cycling under one roof in order to facilitate its growth in the Arab World.

Fun Fact

The UAE Cycling Federation was founded in 1974. It currently consists of over 5,000 registered cyclists, 16 sports clubs and 4 national teams. These national teams have won a collective 54 medals across cycling championships in Asia to date.

Why the Extreme Sports Expo 2020 in Dubai is worth a visit?

Even though it’s called the ‘Extreme Sports Expo,’ it has a universal appeal. With the educative experiences, you will be exposing yourself to the latest technologies in sports while sharing ideas with like-minded people. This is also a place to bag great sports deals from brands such as local Divers Garage and Blue Waters Marine. There’s raffle prizes and dedicated areas for visitors to try their hands at some of the sports. On top of it all, it is completely free to visit!

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