Distance learning is getting tried and tested in all public and private schools in the UAE,  (no) thanks to the infectious COVID 19. With strict curfews and self-quarantine measures, there is hardly any option for normalcy. But education must go on.

When the news of the shut-down broke, the Ministry of Education attempted to implement distance learning. CouponCodesME presents all you need to know about the home-learning program.

What is distance learning?

Distance learning is a type of interactive or blended teaching and learning method between a teacher and a student. Yet it differs from regular interactive teaching because of its various online education techniques. Earlier, distance education involved a correspondence course via post. Nowadays it is mainly carried out through the medium of distributed learning, e-learning, m-learning, online learning, virtual classroom and so forth. Hence, multiple devices are necessary for effective distance learning. Due to its flexible approach, it is popular among many students all over the world.  Distance learning can be done via video conferencing, can be synchronized or unsynchronized, open scheduled, hybrid distance education, computer-based education and fixed time online course, which is the most common type.

What are the necessary supplies you will need for distance learning?


Underrated laptops are often avoided due to the failure of brand recognition based on popularity. However, ASUS Zenbook Flip 14″ 2-in-1 laptop provides an abundance of novel features at a budget, considering its impeccable design and effortless processing. This ASUS Zenbook model has Ergolift and ScreenPad to augment its versatility; wide color variant, full HD (1920 x 1080) display, storage of 1000 GB SSD, 16GB RAM, no PWM (Flicker-Free) with 10.0:0 ratio (vital as it reduces the negative BLUE LIGHT which affects the eyes and the body). Priced at AED 5,090, this 360° Ergolift ultracompact laptop is a sweet deal for students for interactive sessions and assignments.

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Mini Portable Projector:

COCAR 50″ Portable Movie Screen

Vision is one of human’s most important abilities, hence, it should be given the utmost care and importance, especially of a child. To avoid constant glare at a mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or other related devices, projectors are actually proven to be better for the eyes for their ability to produce much larger images, curbing vision strain. Keeping in mind to ease constant sessions of interactive learning programs between the teacher and the student, Mini Portable Projectors are designed with superior resolution, and fan noise suppression is compatible with most devices. Some also have built-in stereo surround speakers. Other benefits include an upgraded cooling system, Amazon FireTV Stick Chromecast, and 3 years moneyback warranty along with a surprise gift.

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In addition to a portable projector, a portable screen is a perfect fit for a child’s vision protection. Cocar PSN50 16: 9 is a universal fit for most projectors compatible for both indoor and outdoor. The screen is made of white color high reflection material for a clear and vibrant view for lectures, group discussions, presentations, and various distance learning activities. In fact, many schools and institutions possess projectors for various indoor learning and the students find it interesting over regular plain green boards due to novel visual experiences every day.

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Students make a lot of mistakes while writing, solving problems that require a considerable amount of paper wastage. Therefore, in an effort to reduce the wastage of exercise books, this Docooler digital pad comes in handy. It stimulates your child’s interest in developing new ideas and creating drafts for various assignments. It comes with a durable POM Stylus Pen and a button to conveniently erase rough work. This notepad comes with a CR2020 battery with low power consumption, hence making both the student and the parents smarter and eco-friendly contributors.

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Note: Amazon. ae is closely monitoring the latest impact of COVID-19 and is supporting its customers, communities, and employees through various implementations to combat this pandemic situation world-wide. To find out more click here.

Quarantine does not mean you need to give up on your studies. With E-learning as such a wide phenomenon, you can take full benefit. Here’s what you need to know about e-learning.

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So make full use of what you have. Get learning with these digital learning appliances and don’t slouch.

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