With the onset of the Corona Virus scare, everything seems to be going haywire. Air tickets are not sold, stores are shutting down, institutions are being asked to close down and even streets are abandoned.

However, one thing that’s rising along with the number of Corona Virus cases is online shopping. It seems people have taken up getting things delivered at their own doorstep instead of going out, which has become a blessing at this hour.

From grocery shopping to meals, everything is online. According to reports, American food delivery chains and online grocery shopping sites have shown a significant rise in their number of orders. We at CouponCodesMe will tell you why you could opt for ordering food online and also our picks from services like Uber Eats and Deliveroo and even The Entertainer.

 Why Order Online?

Even before the Corona Virus outbreak, people used the internet for their grocery shopping and meal plans. It was a trend that had been going on for quite some time. Of course, ordering food online saves you valuable time and is convenient in a lot of ways. Customers can make a pre-order, pay online, track delivery and there’s no more waiting.

However, now it has become more of a necessity than just a trend or for convenience. Due to the risk of getting infected by the fast-spreading coronavirus, it has been medically advised to not expose yourself outside too much, especially at busy places. That doesn’t mean you will not be able to enjoy your favorite meals from your favorite outlets and restaurants. Uber Eats and Deliveroo have it all covered for you! So, stay in, get your meals delivered at home and be safe.

No to international flights! Yes to international breakfast

Online Food Delivery CouponCodesMe

English Breakfast (Pinterest)

Whether you prefer an English breakfast or Lebanese, they have it all covered for you. Uber Eats offers breakfast from one of the finest — The Breakfast Shop. You could order The All English Breakfast comprising of eggs, sausages, turkey bacon, baked beans, grilled vegetables, and toast bread. Or if you’d like Lebanese street food for breakfast, get it from Manoushe Street. They have an amazing menu consisting of everything Middle Eastern from Manakeesh to Shawarma with a variety of toppings and fillings.

Fret not, vegans! We have a lot of options for you to choose from too! Plant Power offers an array of vegan meals starting from salads to sandwiches and cold-pressed juices.

Pizza for lunch? Why not? We deserve happiness

Online Food Delivery CouponCodesMe

Cauliflower Rice (Pinterest)

Have Deliveroo do the honors for you for lunch. From pizzas to noodles to rice meals, get exactly what you’ve been craving for. Besides Pizza Hut and Domino’s for pizzas, you could try out pizzas from 800 Pizza. Striving to be the ultimate Italian pizzeria, they deliver hot, mouth-watering food to your doors as fast as possible. Try their most popular Classic Margherita and Classic Diavola Italian Pepperoni.

For Asian meals, try out gluten-free, vegetarian dishes from Rose Bowl. They have amazing Ramen Bowls. You could also try out the Namaste Bowl, one of their most popular dishes. This meal contains Moroccan Cauliflower rice with pine nuts and sultanas, sweet potato and quinoa falafel, avocado, green curry hummus with mixed greens and pickled red onions. You can also add extras to your bowls according to your taste.

Go light for dinner

Online Food Delivery CouponCodesMe

Three Cheese Rigatoni (Pinterest)

If you like to consume a light meal for dinner, you can order from the likes of Cafe’ Bateel that serves healthy Mediterranean dishes. Try out their Three Cheese Rigatoni— fluted tubes of pasta in a creamy yet light sauce featuring mascarpone, Parmesan Reggiano and Pecorino Cheese. You can choose your own pasta and add-ons too.

For Indian cuisine, you could check into Yummy Hyderabadi Restaurant or Curry Box for North-Indian food. For amazing biryanis, you can order from The Biryani Life. They are all vegetarian-friendly too.

Something sweet, finally!

Online Food Delivery

Baskin Robbins (Pinterest)

You could snack on just anything you want. Choose from your favourite McDonald’s burger or your combos from KFC and have it delivered instantly to your doorstep. For chilling with Netflix, you could simply order nachos, fries and popcorn from VOX. Also, order from The Cheesecake Factory for the best desserts and cupcakes. Not to forget Baskin Robbins for their amazing variety of ice cream and frozen yogurt.

End it on a healthy note

Online Food Delivery

Protein Shake (Pinterest)

For the extremely conscious eaters, they also deliver healthy meals— readymade or customized. People hitting the gym or those on particular diets also have the luxury of having their meals delivered home. From protein shakes, pre and post-workout meals to Keto diets, we have it all covered for you. Healthy Little Secrets offers Low Carb and Vegan options for the health-conscious ones. Their Organic Acai & Granola Bowls with organic beverages are super good. Moreover, you get to choose your own ganola as well as your own bowl of contents, making it an absolute favorite.

You could also browse through the new features and restaurants on Uber Eats and Deliveroo and experiment with new and interesting menus. Don’t forget to use code “ue50ae” to get a flat 50% off on all food orders at Uber Eats. For Deliveroo, use coupon code “DLVRNEW2” and get AED 10 Credit on a minimum purchase of AED 50.