The festive season calls for huge spendings, right? Wrong! You can gift your loved ones some amazing gifts this Christmas without burning a hole in your pocket.

CouponCodesME brings to you all the Christmas gifts you can buy for as little as AED 20, to surprise your dear ones. Not just that, we bring you the best of deals, offers and coupon codes online to help you make big savings on your shopping sprees.

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Christmas gifts under AED 20

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Noon comes forth with the everyday practical items, you can gift as Christmas gifts to your loved ones. You can use the codes available on the coupon sites for a discount of up to 15% and more!

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Mobile Phone Handle Gamepad Trigger Controller

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Gamepad Trigger Controller, AED 2.50

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Online gaming has taken the world by storm. It’s safe to say, you know at least one person who is an avid gamer. This can be the perfect gift for that person.

Nail-Clippers Set

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Nail-Clippers Set, AED 14

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This would make for a great addition to anybody’s personal grooming kit. It is made of high-quality material that ensures durability. The kit comes with an array of high-quality tools such as nail cutters, scissors, tweezers, and much more.

The tools are specially designed for trimming nails, removing unwanted hair in order to maintain high personal hygiene.

Flexibility Stretching Strap

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Flexibility Stretching Strap, AED 9

A fitness accessory as Christmas gifts under AED 20, sounds like a deal to me! At such a low price point, this band can help increase your flexibility by aiding in your pre and post-workout stretching sessions. A must-have for health and fitness-conscious people, this will definitely help stay in sync with your fitness goals.

You can add it to your workout essentials and train like a pro! You can achieve your fitness goal, with the best results.

Outdoor Tactical Close-Fitting Waist Pack Bag

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Waist Pack Bag, AED 16

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The perfect Christmas gifts under AED 20 for explorers! The bag is equipped with enough space to accommodate small essentials. You can easily carry all your travel safety essentials in it.

It has a practical design that allows it to be attached to your belt for easy access. The reliable zippers ensure the safety and security of the contents you put in the bag.

Self Stirring Mug

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Self Stirring Mug, AED 15

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This self-stirring mug, sounds quite interesting, doesn’t it? It will serve as a charmingly understated addition to any kitchen or desk. Built with the best grade material, it offers long-term usage. Compact design, convenient storage, stain, and odor resistant plus being easy to clean. This can be the perfect Christmas gift under AED 20 for your office colleague.

Samsung Earphone With Mic

Samsung Earphone With Mic

Samsung Earphone With Mic AED 6

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For those not used to using wireless earbuds especially the older generation, these wired earphones are a classic. The perfect companion for those who like music and traveling. You can be in your own headspace while going out. Getting out of the awkward social encounters as Christmas gifts under AED 20, we say yes!

Travel Organizer Bags Set

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Travel Organizer Bags Set, AED 13.65

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A traveler’s delight and an addition to your closet storage organizers. It is lightweight and easy to carry. Multiple internal pockets for convenient organization. If someone you know is going on a vacation, surprise them with this useful tool. That too, as Christmas gifts under AED 20.

Ultra-Lightweight Protective Case Cover For Apple AirPods

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Case For Apple AirPods, AED 9.90

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Air Pods are notorious little devices, they are expensive and very easy to lose. Though, they are convenient and easy to use, especially when you are traveling. A case cover for AirPods will come in handy for anyone who owns a pair of AirPods.

A sturdy exterior protects the device from abrasion, collision, dust, and scratches. The sleek design combined with the durability and lightweight attributes in a slim form factor.

Mini Towel With Case And Carabiner

christmas gifts under AED 20

Mini Towel With Case And Carabiner, AED 20

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Mini towels are best suited for sports, outdoor work, or anyone who sweats! Cool your body quickly with the super water absorption capability.

You can add a whole new experience with gym sessions and summertime with cooling towels as Christmas gifts under AED 20.

6-In-1 DIY Solar Robot Kit

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Solar Robot Kit, AED 17

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Educational toys for your kids are the best choice. Teach your children, the benefits of solar energy while they are playing with this toy.

Playtime and learning as Christmas gifts under AED 20! Can you believe that? With this Robotic kit, the children can mix and explore to create six different toys. A plane, car, robot, helicopter, windmill, or boat and uses energy to make them work. It has a simple assembly and easy step-by-step instructions for children to follow.

Thermal Insulated Lunch Bag

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Insulated Lunch Bag, AED 19.70

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A practical gift for those who love and prefers home food. Its heavy-duty fabric construction makes it long-lasting, the spill-proof Lunch Box guards your electronics and paper.

Most important of all, it keeps your food and drinks at perfectly cool or warm temperatures.

Wired Gaming Mouse

christmas offers 2021

Wired Gaming Mouse, AED 19

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Gaming mice are different than regular PC mouse. Better reflexes and shorter time-lapse make it perfect for your gamer friend. There are online adventure games, your loved one, would love to play with this mouse.

The left/right buttons on this mouse feature a revolutionary split-trigger system that delivers the best clicks in gaming. The ergonomic side grips also provide easy handling and durability.

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