Let’s admit it, Pinterest is the inspiration of every aesthetic lifestyle possible. We’re sure you’ve been stacking on your Pinterest mood board every day. It’s nice to freshen up our living space once in a while, and of course, everyone loves doing that. But, the expenses can throw you in a loop. With serious Googling skills and a little more patience, you can find similar items to fix up your mood board without any hassles.  Why not make it a reality with us? As always, we’re saving you from the trouble and have found budget-friendly home decor options and ideas that will bring your aesthetic to life. We’re throwing in few cool and affordable decor ideas, for DIY lovers!

Budget-friendly home decor items and ideas

budget friendly home decor

Be it for home, fashion, or lifestyle, CouponCodesME gives you free coupons and discounts deal on all your favorite brands. That’s right, you can shop for everything you need and get up to a 50% discount with the promo codes! We will dive heads to the best sites you can get affordable yet on-trend decor pieces. From the frequently visited sites such as Amazon to someplace you never thought of finding budget-friendly home decor items. Shall we begin?

1. Posters from H&M

Budget-friendly home decor

Poster (Conscious collection)

Shocked? H&M has been the go-to fashion destination, all you need to do is venture on the H&M home on the site. The linens, pillows, and rugs show a style and personality that will match you perfectly. But we found a hidden gem or gems, Instagram-worthy posters. The best thing, the price range is similar to the clothing collection we have all grown to love and they belong to the conscious collection.

Price: AED 59- AED 89

Save on your order and use H&M coupon codes. Use the code “G1614” to get 10% off on budget-friendly home decor.

2. Everything Leather from Amazon.ae

Budget-friendly home decor

If the dark academia aesthetic is your vibe, we are sure you would love some leather furniture around the house, and something to compliment it. Now, leather can really burn a hole in your pocket. What can we do? Combine the power of Amazon.ae’s prime membership, no delivery charges, and free shipping in three days to liven up your living space.

We chose the Faux leather pillow covers to bring a simplistic and neutral vibe that can be suitable to combine with any type of furniture in any room. Also, these are eco-friendly and durable, which can also serve as a great gift option. Check out such amazing Budget-friendly decor pieces on Amazon at prices like never before. Price: AED 76.06 (a set of two).

Lastly, don’t forget to apply the Amazon coupon code “HOME15” to get 40% off on home and kitchen and an additional 15% off.

3. Frame it with Pottery Barn

budget decor ideas

One of the simplest ways to spice up your wall is to add frames. You can capture the memories and even create a storyline with your framing skills. We did some serious browsing and before you point it out Pottery Barn definitely lies in the luxe section for home decor. But, yes, we have a major but! The frames collection from Pottery barn is undeniably falling under budget-friendly home decor. It will be the perfect addition to your small cafe corner in your home!

We chose the Wood Gallery Single Opening Frames, crafted with solid hardwood. The rustic wood finish highlights every color variation, imperfection, and knot that makes each frame unique. Also, if you want to keep it on the tabletop instead of mounting it, it is fit for both displays.

You can apply the Pottery Barn coupon codes to get discounts on your order.  Apply the code “GWY1” to get 5% off on all orders.

4. Go green from within

budget decor ideas modern interior

Indoor gardening is raging on social media and green is the new black! While social media promote mainly plants and flowers with fast rapid flourish-and-fade lifecycles, there are options that stay green throughout the year. Shop from a local florist to get an idea about the right kind of plants you can grow inside your space.

You can choose from the following plants to jazz up your space:

  • Rubber tree
  • Boston fern
  • Bamboo palms
  • Spider tree

There are numerous benefits that accompany an indoor garden. It helps lower your stress level, boosts your productivity, improves the quality of indoor air, and many more.

5. Light it up

Pinterest Mood Board

Lighting changes the whole layout of your living space. While the optimum state would be natural lighting to the fullest, for evenings, cozy lighting is your best companion. Add your choice of fairy lights, lamps, or even candles for your room. For candles, choose from the Bath and Body Works candle collection.

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