Watches used to be a need for almost everyone back in the day. They did so because it was the only reliable method of keeping time. People couldn’t just pick up their phones and check the time as they can now, so wearing a watch was essential for living a comfortable life.

It can be difficult to decide which watch to purchase. Especially if you’re new to watches or don’t know much about them. There are so many various brands, varieties, and designs to choose from that it can be difficult to know where to begin.

But one thing is certain: having a variety of timepieces in your collection is ideal because different watches are created for different circumstances. This is especially significant because life is full of various events and occasions, so you should consider purchasing a few timepieces that are unique in design and nature.

We at CouponCodesME will take you over some different sorts of watches and timepieces that every man should have.

1. Dress Watch

Daniel wellington men watches

Daniel Willington Classic Reading Dress Watch

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Basically, a dress watch is a tiny wristwatch that fits neatly beneath the cuff. It’s not uncommon for a dress watch to be constructed of gold, but it’s not required. Nowadays, most dress watches have a simple design with a round case and lugs. Dress watches are the best men’s watches to wear with a suit since they sit well and don’t stand out too much. But they’re also very traditional looking and don’t steal the show and instead complement the outfit.

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2 The Chronograph Watch

must have watch

MASERATI Sfida Men Chronograph Watch

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The chronograph watch is a very popular watch that every man should have in his collection. Chronographs were (and continue to be) designed with a tachymeter scale. This allows them to track two events at once. So, it measures your heart rate and computes your average pace.

There are chronographs with telemeter features as well. This could provide you with information about the distance to a specific event that can be seen or heard. Their popularity comes from it looking rather very masculine and classic. 

The Maserati watch is the perfect fit for a Chronograph watch under a budget, it possesses the flair along with “the look” to make you stand out. Grab this piece from Ontime before it sells out, available at 1425 AED only.

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3. Field Watch

Field Watch

Timex Men’s Expedition Metal Field Watch

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This one, which was first worn by German officers in the nineteenth century, has a functional and tough style. Its style, which was popular in the military, has survived to the present day and is worn by the majority of males. This military watch type is known for its great readability on the dial and low light functional low-lighting it a flexible addition to your collection. It will go nicely with your stylish sensibilities when you want to mix up the monotony of your wrist game.

Use it on a hike day, while trekking, or cycling. Find this on Amazon for just 231 AED. Now that’s a price which you cannot afford to miss! Get Flat 10% Off your purchase from Amazon with Citi Master-Credit Card when you shop via CouponCodesME

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4. Diver Watch

must have watch


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Rolex designed the diver watch for professional divers as a tool watch that would be extremely useful underwater. For men’s watches, the diving watch has a timeless silhouette.  Diving watches have been said to be around since the early twentieth century. It’s elegant, sleek, and efficient and just because the name includes the word “dive,” doesn’t mean it may only be worn by divers. This watch style is adaptable, simple to read, and water-resistant. This implies that, because of its great endurance, this one will also come in handy when on vacation.

A little bit on the pricier side is the Emporio Armani Diver watch on Ontime retailing at 2390of  AED, avail free delivery when you shop via CouponCodesME.

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5. Sports Or Smartwatches

fitbit smart watch dubai

Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch

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It’s self-evident that wearing a sports watch keeps you active, regardless of which workout you select.  A smartwatch is a great accessory to wear at the gym or other informal activities because it’s, light, comfy and has built-in water resistance. Not only that, but it also keeps track of your heart rate, steps, and calories burned so you know just how strenuous your workout should be.

Get this amazing in-budget Fitbit smartwatch from Amazon retailing at 329 AED only, with functions such as all-day activity tracking, Water resistance, 5 days plus battery life, and more.

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6. GMT Watch

gmt best men watches dubai

LOREO Men’s GMT Automatic Watch.

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A GMT watch is a must-have for any man’s collection. A GMT watch has a 24-hour bezel that allows it to maintain track of various time zones at the same time. Today’s GMT watches, in reality, can read three time zones at once, but the first GMT could only read two. 

Aside from the fact which states that GMT is a pretty cool watch with a long and interesting history, it may also be a very useful instrument. When traveling, many individuals like to wear their GMT watch since it allows them to keep track of both the local time and the time at home. Get your hand on this LOREO’S GMT watch from amazon at AED 464 only.

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7. Quartz Watch

Quartz watch

FOSSIL Neutra Men Green Quartz Chronograph Watch

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One of the most common watch types in the world right now is the quartz watch. If you notice someone wearing a watch, it is likely a Quartz watch. When quartz watches were initially invented a few decades ago, one of their keys selling features was their accuracy. A modern quartz watch has a monthly accuracy of +/-10 seconds, which is far superior to an automatic watch, which can only achieve +/-6 seconds each day at most.

They are also very lightweight, low maintenance, easy to use, and a lot more durable than other watches out there. Grab yourself a classic pair of Fossil Quartz from Ontime at AED 855 and also save while you shop, visit CouponCodesME for the best deals and offers.

8. Everyday Watch

fossil best everyday watch

Fossil Men’s Machine Stainless Steel Everyday Watch.

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They are watches that may be worn daily, constructed of less valuable metals such as stainless steel or titanium, yet they come in a wide range of styles and may be worn with almost everything. Everyday watches are ideal for a meeting with clients or accessorizing with jeans and a t-shirt. Everyday watches have a sense of style and composure, but they aren’t very eye-catching. But they are as still fashionable as they can get. Get yours from the all-time favorite Fossil brand from Amazon at AED 355 only.

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In today’s world, a watch holds much greater value than that of just telling time, it has got to do more with one’s taste, status, and sense of style. Wearing a watch is still one of the best ways to make an impression on your looks, on hope with this article you can find a watch that would fit you right.

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