Makeup brushes are the perfect beauty tool to enhance the appearance of your makeup. Whether you wear makeup daily or occasionally, a handy batch of quality tools can make or break your makeup game. A good makeup brush helps you blend your makeup seamlessly on your skin without causing irritation or patchiness. While there are different brushes for different products and applications, there aren’t any hard and fast rules for choosing the perfect brush. So, if you’re looking for quality brushes to help you maintain an airbrushed look, we have an exclusive list.

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Best makeup brushes to enhance the appearance of your makeup

With an extensive lineup of face brushes available in the market, shopping for the best makeup brushes may feel like a complicated task. However, the most significant thing to consider is to locate what works for you and green tick a few checker points. And since it’s a matter of your skin, the room to compromise shouldn’t be left open. So, it’s always wise to invest in high-quality brushes taking factors like bristles, brush head, versatility, and price points into consideration. To help you sort things out, we have organized a list of brushes to help you achieve a pro-level finish.

1. Prep & Prime Skin Brush

best makeup brushes

Real Techniques Complexion Blender Brush – Grey AED 44

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To build a strong makeup base, it’s essential to prep your skin first with the necessary moisturizers, serums, or primers. And, using your bare hands to apply such products on your face might cause cross-contamination. So to avoid that issue, there are face brushes designed to help you apply your skincare products with detailed precision. With the help of these brushes, you’ll be able to build a smooth foundation base without depriving your skin of all the moisture and hydration it needs.

Featuring our list, this complexion blender brush is designed with a distinctive swirled cut for the smooth blending of skincare products. The brush is ideal for blending not just moisturizers, primers, or serums, but you can also use it for blending foundation, concealers, bb, or cc creams. The long and short bristle lengths will help build lighter layers for an even finish. Besides that, it is also cruelty-free.

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2. Foundation Brush

best makeup brushes

RARE BEAUTY Liquid Touch Foundation Brush AED 160.00

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The key to a flawless finish to your foundation is using a quality foundation brush. Unlike other beauty tools like sponges or silicone blenders, a good foundation brush provides even application with better coverage. They make blending more effortless even in hard-to-reach areas. And more coverage means lesser use of concealer. Regardless of liquid, cream, tint, or powder foundation formulation, a foundation brush works perfectly on your skin. Also, a well-made foundation brush is an excellent investment in the long run.

This cruelty-free foundation brush from Rare Beauty features super soft and silky bristles that help build coverage and blend liquids, powders, and creams with precision. The complete marquis silhouette emulates the feel of fingertips for a seamless and even finish.

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3. Concealer Brush

best makeup brushes

SIGMA Concealer Brush F70 AED 75

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Concealer is a magic product that comes in handy to conceal blemishes, dark circles, discoloration, and acne scars. So if you have any of these on your face, all it requires is a little bit of concealer after the foundation and your skin will look pristine. However, you cannot apply a concealer without the help of a brush. Compared to a foundation or primer brush, a concealer brush rather features a smaller brush head with a flat or tapered end to make the application and blending of concealer formulas easy.

Our pick for the concealer brush is this synthetic and antimicrobial fiber brush, engineered to blend product flawlessly on your skin. It is soft, lightweight, and durable, and the metal plating adds shine to the brush. It also featured a small and slightly tapered flat brush head for easy application around the eyes and nose areas.

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4. Contour & Highlight Brush

best makeup brushes



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Contouring and highlighting make an excellent makeup technique typically used to help bring out your best features and elevate your look. A contour brush usually has short and rounded bristles with a flat brush head, mainly used to create a contrasting illusion and provides prominence to facial features like cheekbones, nose, forehead, and jawline. And a highlighting brush is used to highlight the areas with subtle bronzer or shimmer and make them appear more lifted, glowing, and profound.

Add a perfectly sculpted finish every time with this contour brush from NYX. Crafted with synthetic fiber this brush bears a tapered brush head for pro contouring. And for highlighting this cheek-hugging brush Fenty is an excellent pick.

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5. Blush Brush

best makeup brushes

Hank and Henry Tasha Blush Brush AED 129


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Swiping a little bit of rosiness to the apple of your cheeks at the end of your makeup is like putting fresh cherries on the cake. Blush can brighten up your face and highlight your features. It’s a beauty product that is universal and significant. And having a soft blush brush in your beauty arsenal will help provide the perfect finish to your everyday makeup look.
The makeup brush with a large, fluffy, and dense head is perfect for applying blush. The synthetic bristles provide softness to the skin which helps create a silky and perfect look without a cakey finish. And the white bronze handle fetches convenience to the user, which makes it a perfect pick. It can also be used as a powder brush.


6. Eyeshadow Brush

best makeup brushes

REAL TECHNIQUES Enhanced Eye Brushes Set AED 135

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Eye makeup is significant when it comes to adding a little bit of drama to your makeup look. The right shade coordination will make any look trendy and provide versatility. Eyeshadow brushes come in diverse sizes, lengths, and angles, depending on their respective application.

It’s always wise to opt for a set of brushes instead of purchasing them individually. This eye makeup brush set from Real Technique contains every brush you need to help you create any eye look.

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7. Powder Brush

best makeup brushes

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A powder brush is used to dust some setting or translucent powder on your face to help set the makeup in place. They are also used to touch up your makeup throughout the day. Typically powder brushes have loose and fluffy bristles put together to make a big, rounded face brush for applying all types of compact or loose powders.

Featuring our list of best makeup brushes this exquisite powder brush is made with high-quality synthetic bristles. The soft texture of the brush helps blend in a light and precise manner, assuring a proficient effect. Additionally, the ombre shade of the fiber and the stunning color of the handle is eye-catching.

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And that concludes the list of best makeup brushes. We hope that our list provided insight into the various types of brushes available and their application. It’s important to invest in quality brushes as it concerns your skin, and your skin deserves the best. You can also settle for complete brush sets. Also, to avoid harmful bacteria and dirt build-up on your brushes, clean them often.

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