Amazon has taken over the online shopping industry, with best deals on items from A to Z. If you love shopping online, you sure have had items delivered from this giant e-commerce site. And how can you not when they give you offers like no other? Keeping up with their name, Amazon Prime Day is coming your way!

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What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is a two-day event for special deals and heavy discounts exclusive for Prime members on Amazon! Already regretting not taking the prime membership or don’t know why should you? Here are the reasons why you should take Prime Membership right now!

This year, it is scheduled for October 13-14. Yes, it’s literally up on a few days! We hope you made the holiday gift list ready. Indulge yourself and empty out your wishlist! We got more info and tips for you to try on this Amazon Prime Day. Have the 48 hours of guilt-free shopping all to yourself.

Perks of the Event!

Cashback as gift cards

Prime users can benefit up to 20% cashback when you use your Mastercard. 20% cashback will be given in the form of an Gift Card, up to 100 AED. You know what that means right? You can give it forward to anyone you like or use it later.

More to Prime than just Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is not the only perk of having a prime membership. You can get your prime membership initiate or renew right now. Prime Membership fee in UAE is AED 140 yearly and AED16 monthly. Signup right now and the following perks are yours to enjoy:Prime Delivery: You will get free and fast delivery with zero shipping charges. The best part you get your product delivered within 24 hours. Imagine getting your order right at your doorstep on the very next day. Just remember that the delivery time of 24 hours will start from the time your item is shipped.

Prime Video:

You can stream Amazon originals with millions of movies and shows. We are talking about world favorite shows like Bosch, The Boys, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Homecoming, and such shows. Not just that, you have Twitch Prime as well, yup, gamer, we are talking to you. Watch the live stream gaming from your favorite gamer.

Free International Shipping:

How many times did you want a product but it is not available in the market? Getting it from Amazon US or other foreign markets increases the delivery prices, exponentially. Well, this won’t happen anymore. You can get your shipment from Amazon US with free and convenient delivery. Get ready to find the best products from a bigger market.

Shop best deals:

Not just on special events, you can free delivery and shipping on the best deals of the day. We cannot stress enough in how much you are going to save this prime day!

Priority Delivery:

Sometimes a birthday or any such occasion may jump on you unexpectedly. If you need your international delivery as fast as possible, opt for the priority delivery service. You can get 50% off on all priority delivery services and AED 20 off on International delivery for all the prime members.

Products to invest in for Amazon Prime Day ASAP

We already told you about the best deals, how about knowing about offers no one else does? You will get to know about them two days earlier than everybody else. This is what we think you should get.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

amazon prime day

Smart home security is one step away. You can change how you look at people outside your door. There’s no need of peeping through the eyepiece anymore. Just install the Ring video doorbell and see the live video feed on your smartphone at any given time.

Price: AED 599. Prime Price: AED 449

Buy it here.

Ring Floodlight Cam

amazon prime day

You can keep an eye on your home right from your phone, PC or tablet. Equipped with 1080p HD video with infrared night vision and Live View, real-time video, a full security system. You even get inbuilt floodlights and siren! The best part is yet to come, it includes theft protection. That means they will replace it with a new one if it gets stolen!

Price: AED 1,099: On Prime Day: AED 819.

Buy it here.

Ring Video Doorbell 1st Gen

amazon prime day

Are you ever wary of opening your door to strangers? The next step to smart home protection is here. The Ring Video Doorbell will keep you at ease. It has a live on-demand video feed straight to your phone.

You will get the alerts as soon as motion is detected or someone presses the doorbell. Doorbell wires? Don’t need those! They come with anti-theft protection as well!

Price: AED 499. Prime Day Price: AED 399. Buy it here.

Oban Tassel Tablecloth

amazon prime day

Level up the kitchen aesthetics with a pretty linen tablecloth. Price: AED 85.98. You can save AED 12.90 by joining prime. Buy it here.

Magic Treadmill

amazon prime day

We found a gem in the early prime deals for sports! If staying fit is your goal, get yourself the magic treadmill. Price: AED 999. Save 119.88 on Amazon Prime Day. Buy it here.

Neck Massager

amazon prime day

An intelligent neck massager to take away the stress in your neck. A 15 mins therapy session with 6 massage modes and 18 level gear adjustment. Price: AED 159. Save 15.80. Buy it here.

Apple Watches

amazon prime day

If you ever wanted to get yourself an Apple watch, Prime day is the best time to do so. The Apple Watch 3 hits the lowest price ever just ahead of Amazon Prime day! Originally marked at $179, the price is going down to $169. Buy it here.

Enjoy your shopping spree. We would love to see you emptying the wishlist right there. Don’t worry we are always here to give you the codes and discounts when there aren’t enough live sales. Follow us to get to know what’s trending and ultimately how you can save a lot of your money!

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