Since its launch in August 2008, Airbnb has become the first choice among travelers. As of today, more than 150 million people use Airbnb worldwide and it has now become a viable alternative to hotels. Daresay, Airbnb is better than hotels.

Studies have shown that to date more than 500,000 million people have preferred Airbnb over hotels. The fact that it is in more than 190 countries and has listings in over 80,000 cities around the world, makes it a global choice.

The ease to book apartments, rooms, villas or even just a bed demonstrates swiftness and efficiency. It is global, easy and affordable. If you’re still not on board, we got 8 reasons why Airbnb is better than hotels.

Why Airbnb is better than hotels?


You can interact with the hosts before booking

One might argue that booking is just as same as or OYO. The booking procedure may be the same, however, Airbnb allows you to have an interaction with the host before booking the accommodation. You can clear all your doubts and queries before booking and be sure of the accommodation you are going to get.

More budget-friendly than hotels

Most of the listings will give you better rates than the hotels in the area. When asked why travelers opted for Airbnb, 53% of the users stated they chose it over traditional hotels because of the affordable price.

Airbnb is also 8-17% cheaper than most regional hotels per day, making it a choice option for people looking for affordability. For people, who love traveling on a budget, Airbnb is better than hotels.

More space than a hotel room

When you book a hotel room you are only getting a room or a suite at best. In comparison, most of the listings in Airbnb, there are apartments and villas. As a result, you can book a full functioning house at the place of a single room in a hotel.

Moreover, some listings also come with gardens and swimming pools. These kinds of listings are perfect for weekend getaways with friends. The survey showed that 60% of the bookings are made for an entire house or apartment, rather than share conditions.

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Perfect for families

Airbnb accommodations are perfect for families because of the extra space it offers. Living in an apartment or a villa will give families homely and more comfortable accommodation.

As a result, lengthy stays for families are more comfortable at Airbnb in comparison to hotel rooms. This is mirrored by the fact that 88% of Airbnb reservations are for more than one person, usually, two to four people. What did we say? Airbnb is better than hotels.

There are special deals for lengthy stays

If you are traveling to a new city and plan to stay for a long period of time, you should seriously consider Airbnb. As the rates for weekly and monthly stays are slashed down to 40% by most of the Airbnb hosts. This will make a considerable difference in comparison to the rigid room tariffs of the traditional hotels.

Moreover, if you are there for a lengthy stay, eating outside daily can be a health issue. Airbnb solves this problem as it also provides full-functioning kitchens for you to prep your meals.

An authentic experience of the region

Traveling is much more than just visiting places and sightseeing, it is also about experiencing the lives and culture of the place that you are visiting. Most of the hotels cannot provide that, as they are very professional and their procedures are very standard.

Whereas in Airbnb the hosts will treat you like a genuine guest to their household. The survey, also noted that 33% chose Airbnb in order to have an authentic experience of the region.

The reviews are 100% trustworthy

One of the main plus points of booking via Airbnb is that you will be sure of what you are getting. The Airbnb policy of customer reviews is very tight. Only those who have recently stayed in the property (within 30 days) are allowed to write a review in Airbnb. This takes the possibility of fake reviews out of the equation. You can 100% trust the customer reviews when you are booking your Airbnb.

Customize your stays according to your need

Some people have specific and special needs when they travel which hotels cannot provide. Whereas you can interact with the hosts in Airbnb and make arrangements for your special needs during your stays. For example, you can make special arrangements for a sick companion or arrange for authentic home-made meals in the region you are traveling in  Staying in Airbnb is more flexible, enjoyable and satisfying than staying at hotels. As the survey has shown, 90% of the customers were satisfied with their stay on Airbnb which is very flexible and they got their money’s worth.

How to book the perfect Airbnb for yourself?

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After all, being said, it is easy to see why Airbnb has grown so much in popularity. It is now a solid alternative to traditional hotels and in most cases, Airbnb is better than hotels.

However, you should keep in mind that all of the Airbnb listings is not perfect. There are many factors that come into play when you book an Airbnb. Here are a few tips for booking the perfect Airbnb for yourself.

Check the host profile

Airbnb has a system of rating the hosts as well. When you book a property it would be wise to give preference to the listings by Super-hosts. Super-host is a title given to the best performing hosts for the past year in Airbnb.

Read the description

Go for those properties that have a detailed description page. There you will find information about the property, neighborhood and amenities that the host is going to provide. This will give you a clear picture of the property that you are looking to book.

Take a look at the house rules

Airbnb properties also have a feature called house rules. It is a set of rules, that the guests are expected to follow. For instance, some properties have a policy of no pets or no partying. It differs from property to property, so be sure to go with the one that suits your purpose of visit.

Be mindful of the host review

Just like you are able to write a review about the host and her/his property, they are entitled to do the same. So be sure to get a positive review on your profile from the host as well. This is important for your future bookings with Airbnb. Some Airbnb super-hosts accept or reject guests after reading the reviews from other hosts.//

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