Food served in stylish and unique serveware definitely looks tastier and more appetizing. You don’t have to be a MasterChef to make your food look beautifully-presented. Moreover, the simplest cut fruits to the most basic dishes can look delicious and great if served in good utensils. Elevate the look of your dishes and meals and have some fun. CouponCodesME brings you the trendiest, cutest and the most attractive serveware.

Serveware for the cool, fashionable and trendy

We’re here to help you achieve amazing pictures of your ‘Instagrammable’ food in these stylish dishes.

Claytan Windmill Stone serveware Dinner Plate – 31 cms

Dinner plates: serveware

AED 33

Enchant your guests and click beautiful images. Serve in this printed stoneware dinner plate with the beautiful windmill and stone design. Serveware was never this beautiful. This is from HomeBox.

Indie Vibe Bottle 4-Piece Appetizer Platter

Serveware dishes- platter and sauce cups

AED 112

Serve delicious snacks and dips on this platter and give a feast to your stomach as well as your eyes. This platter is dishwasher safe and is made of aluminium. It includes a tray and two cups for your sauces and dips. Get this on HomeBox today.

Marinex Round Glass Casserole – 1.5 L

Glass casserole- utensils for serving

AED 45

Make your dishes a household hit. With beautiful colors of the greens and the bright reds, make your food picture perfect. In this great transparent glass casserole which has been provided with a great exterior look as well as comfortable use. Get this serveware only on HomeBox.

Raj SL0010 Round Slate serveware Plate. 20cm

Slate plate - for serving

AED 16

This slate plate from boasts with a dark tone and an uneven finish. Serve all your contemporary recipes. From sushis to tarts, brushettas and farm made cheese, serve it all. Make your meals and snacks fun and fashionable.

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1Pair Wood Cup Primitive Handmade Natural Spruce Wooden Cup

Wooden spruce cup- serveware

AED 56.90

Healthy and close to nature, this wooden cup is subtle and elegant. So now no need to worry about breaking glasses and cups. These cups are versatile and suitable for multiple occasions and can be used for drinking various types of beverages. Moreover, the aesthetic appeal of the serveware is incomparable which means great pictures! This is from

LAMAC CRAFTS – Fancy Marble Serving Platter

Marble platter- for serving

AED 120

Handcrafted with detail and made of 100% marble, this serving platter is stunning. Most appropriate for contemporary recipes and foods like cheeses, fruits, cakes and desserts, this will light up your table with style and elegance. Buy it today from

Ceramic Condiment Storage Tank Bamboo Tray

-Ceramic Condiment Storage Tank Bamboo Tray- Condiment containers

AED 169.24

This set of three condiment containers are a must. Made of ceramics with bamboo trays and lids, these jars have an elegant style. The modern design makes it look like a golf ball sitting perfectly on your tables and countertops. Make good use of these stylish and useful product from

Rustic Wooden Serving TrayWooden tray- serveware from Ubuy

AED 149

This large rustic wooden tray from Ubuy has a clean yet crisp look. Ideal for serving drinks as well as food, this tray prevents leakage due to the absence of gaps. The tray comes with cut-in handles and is sturdy and lightweight at the same time. These in turn make it one of the best serveware in terms of looks as well as use.

Emall Life 2-Tier Oval Chip And Dip Serving Bowls

Emall Life 2-Tier Oval Chip And Dip Serving Bowls- chips serving

AED 97

Best for holiday sweets, desserts, nuts, finger food and more, these unique design serving bowls will make your creations look great. Get rid of the need for two different containers for sauces and the food. This simple yet elegant bowl is be sure to impress your guests as well as your family with its unique design. This one is from Ubuy.

LARGESS Bamboo Nested Serveware Dishes

Wooden bowls- best serveware

AED 219

The eco-friendly wooden bowls come in a set of three. These are most appropriate for home use, parties and more since these go with almost all types of home decor. Furthermore these are very easy to clean and manage and you avoid the risk of breaking your containers. The optimal design combined with great durability and functionality also is a wonderful style statement. With these, you’re sure to rock your Instagram feed and get Pinterest-worthy pictures.

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A great way to keep your feed updated with great aesthetic pictures. Get these best serveware and watch as you become a great food influencer on Pinterest.

Furthermore, make sure your kitchen is updated and meets all your requirements. Get these smart kitchen essentials.

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