Love shopping from Adidas? We do too! This German sportswear company is one of the most trustworthy brands in the market. The brand has close to 500 million sales only in the footwear department each year. The numbers are continuously increasing and Adidas is skyrocketing in terms of popularity. Hold on, this might just be the beginning. This giant fashion & sportswear brand has now taken up the mission of providing sustainable products to all its customers. The new Adidas best-time launches are now causing a revolution in the world of sports and activewear.

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5 most creative and in all, the best launches by Adidas

Adidas best launches

Adidas has been continuously introducing blockbuster products that have gained massive popularity. Some of these include the Adidas Yeezy, Adidas Samba, Adidas Stan Smith, and more. These Adidas shoes for men as well as women are just a sneak peek into a bigger range of products. Now, Adidas is bringing more and in the fields of sustainability and better usage. 

Here are 5 of the best launches by Adidas. These will be a revolutionary development in the area of sports and activewear trends. So, gear up and start exploring some great and latest fashion trends. Slay your home workouts and make sure you stock up some workout essentials as you train like a pro

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Adidas launches its first fully-recyclable sneakers

fully recyclable shoes by adidas

The sports house has revealed its latest innovation! Adidas has introduced Futurecraft Loop. This is its first-ever fully recyclable running shoe. Moreover, these sneakers are made of 100% TPU. So, this can be considered the brand’s solution for tackling the plastic waste problems of manufacturing.

These Adidas best walking shoes available on are the first-ever shoes by Adidas that are made to be remade. Furthermore, Adidas has now proved its capability to build high-performance shoes that you don’t have to throw away. Nevertheless, the shoes have been created from one material. Adidas boasts that they can be returned to the brand, churned, melted, and made into a new product. 

Adidas aims to remove the concept of waste entirely! What’s more, is that these shoes were made without using any glue. This in turn aims to get rid of the plastic waste from shoe manufacturing in the world.

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Best Launches from Adidas brings you pulse shoes with Data-Driven 3D Performance Technology

Data driven shoes

Adidas running shoes are the result of years of athletic fun with unique 3D printing technology. The shoes come with a combination of 4D and EVA technology. These will ensure a soft landing on each step. These shoes are highly recommended for everyday runners. Moreover, the shoes have a three-layer mesh upper. These will provide seamless stretchable support for lateral and linear movement. 

What’s the best feature? Adidas has developed  4D lattice midsole technology. This in turn produces precision-tuned 3D-printed midsoles. The Adidas 4D footwear is one of the first in the world to use this technology. So you too are the first amongst your friends to own this great pair of footwear. 

Deliver your best performance. These shoes will be your ultimate comfort zone while running and pursuing the things you love. Nevertheless, comfort and style will be mingled in your activewear in the most innovative way with the new Adidas shoes. 

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Adidas Techfit Period Proof-Tights For Women will keep the play going!

Adidas best launches tech fit period proof tights

Don’t let anything hamper your play. Get the Adidas Techfit Period Proof- Tights! 

Adidas is here to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.  Especially with the new period-proof tights, you are surely in for more comfort and security during your menstrual cycle. These tights are made with the new Adidas Flow Shield Technology. This gives the material a number of layers and a membrane that protects from leakage. Moreover, this will make the user feel comfortable and free of the fear of stained clothes during their period.  The tights have a wicking layer, an absorbing layer, and leak-proof layer work. These will work to provide protection and the bonding layer will keep the tights in place. 

So, don’t give up on your sports and interests. Feel confident and free and deliver your best performance with these great tights and leggings collection.

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Adidas full-coverage women’s swimwear makes it to the list of the best launches by Adidas 

Adidas swimwear

Adidas is an expert in Sports and Technical fabrics. To add to the already great collection, Adidas launched its first full-coverage swimsuit. Moreover, this was done in order to remove the barriers that prevent women from enjoying one of the most popular sports in the world. These products in turn support the ones who suffer while finding category swimwear and are faced with limited options which do not suffice.

The multi-piece collection includes swimwear providing coverage from the neck to the ankle. Furthermore, the swimwear offers press studs on the top and along the hips. These offer an adjustable fit and avoid unnecessary movement of the material.  Moreover, you also get thumbholes in the sleeves. Also, go for singlets and swim hijabs! These hijabs have specially crafted inner caps to facilitate the proper fit. 

What’s more, is that the swimwear collection has been designed to offer quick drying and maximum comfort to the swimmer. Also, the swimwear is crafted with chlorine-resistant fabric that features Econyl® regenerated yarn to keep the sustainability factor of the design in mind. Check the full-coverage swimwear collection on Adidas. 

Adidas Full-Coverage Swimwear Collection

Save water with the Adidas Water-Saving No-Dye Shoes

Adidas is now introducing its latest collection as part of its mission to reduce waste. The brand will launch sustainable versions of its two popular golf shoes. These versions use the material’s natural colors. This in turn will cut down on the water use and energy-consuming process of dyeing the shoes. In all, the brand has estimated up to 60 percent saving with this new collection.

The golf shoes will be available soon. So if you are a golfer, get a reason to feel better about the shoes you are wearing. Apart from style and comfort, you will be contributing to the environment in your own little ways. So head on to the Adidas store and make your purchase as soon as these great shoes hit the stores. 

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Check out these great products from the best sportswear brand and enjoy shopping. Don’t miss out on your fitness routine and make the most of this comfortable yet sustainable activewear that will be your best friend.